Peaky Blinders Creator Wants Tom Holland To Star In The Movie

Peaky Blinders Creator Wants Tom Holland To Star In The Movie

Peaky Blinders has become a huge hit since its release in 2013. The show is a huge hit in the UK. The show also gained fame worldwide after releasing on Netflix. However, the show’s creator Steven Knight recently revealed that there will be a Peaky Blinders movie after the release of season 6. Season 6 of the show will be the final season.

Tom Holland is rumored to be in the upcoming Peaky Blinders movie. There is no news about what role he will play in the movie. Tom Holland also recently revealed that he auditioned for the hit show before he became famous but he did not get the part. He did not reveal what role he auditioned for.

Peaky Blinders Creator Wants Tom Holland To Star In The Movie

Which role Tom Holland auditioned for?

Harry Kirton who plays Finn Shelby on the show also revealed that if Tom Holland auditioned recently then it must be the villain’s character. Holland did not elaborate on when did he audition for the role. Steven Knight talked about Tom Holland’s audition on the premiere of season 6 of Peaky Blinders. He said;

“It must have been quite a big role he was auditioning for.”

But, he did not reveal the character’s name.

Steven Knights invites Tom Holland to be in the movie

Steven Knights invited Tom Holland to be a part of the upcoming Peaky Blinders movie. He said this during the premiere of season 6 of the show;

 “But if he wants to come back for the film, we’ll have him.”

However, Tom Holland has not said anything about this invitation yet.

Peaky Blinders Movie Release Date

Peaky Blinders movie is expected to release by the end of 2024. The filming of the movie will start in 2023. Cillian Murphy and the other cast members will be returning for their roles. However, Steven Knight revealed in an interview with “The Guardian” that the movie will not be the end for the Peaky Blinders.

He said this;

“I’m calling the sixth series ‘the end of the beginning’ because there’s so much more to come,” he says. First is a ballet, Peaky Blinders: The Redemption of Thomas Shelby, which will open this autumn in Birmingham before touring next year. A movie, which he has mapped out in his head, will begin shooting in the next two years, before an unspecified array of spin-offs to usher the story into the 1950s. “The writing and making of the film will tell us where we should go next,”

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