Peaky Blinders Movie

Peaky Blinders Movie Plot, Cast, and Release Date

Peaky Blinders is going to end with the release of its season 6. The creators originally planned to continue the show till season 7. But, due to the corona-virus pandemic, they had to cancel season 7 of the show and release season 6 as the final season instead. Steven Knight said that even though the show is ending, its legacy might continue in other forms as well. He said this during an interview with deadline:

“Peaky Blinders is “a beast that will not die.” There have been tie-in books, clothing lines, an official soundtrack, and a video game. Knight has also been approached about a spinoff ballet version and a West End musical”.

He also expressed in an interview that “he always wanted to end Peaky Blinders with a movie”. He said:

“Covid changed our plans. But I can say that my plan from the beginning was to end Peaky Blinders with a movie. That is what is going to happen.”

Peaky Blinders Movie Plot, Cast, and Release Date


It is not confirmed if they are going to continue with the Peaky Blinders Movie. No one is sure what Steven Knight plans to do when the series will end. The executive producer of the show Caryn Manadbach said this in an interview about the show:

“This final season of our beloved Peaky Blinders is going to be the best one yet. Steve’s uncanny ability to be prescient about world events is only matched by his ability to make Tommy Shelby the most indelible character of our times.”

Steven Knight wanted to end the show with WWII. We will find out what will happen to Thomas in the last season of the show. There are also rumors that Thomas might kill “Aunt Polly” as Micahel Gray, Polly’s son, is planning to betray Thomas Shelby and his family. They might end the show on a cliffhanger and explain the rest in the movie.

Peaky Blinders Movie Release Date

Peaky Blinders Movie will release after the Peaky Blinders Season 6. The final season of the show is expected to release this year.

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