Pikmin 4 Best/Fastest Ore Farming Route Guide - Unlock All Gear!

Pikmin 4 Best/Fastest Ore Farming Route Guide – Unlock All Gear!

Ore is one of the most important things in Pikmin 4, used to buy various stuff and gear from the store. The real trouble is getting them in the game, but don’t worry, here we have Pikmin 4 Best/Fastest Ore Farming Route Guide. You can afterward unlock all the gear you want in Pikmin 4 with those Ores.

At the end of this guide, we have an image that showcases all the points you need to Farm Ore From.

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Fastest Way to Get Ore in Pikmin 4

Getting to Sun Speckled Terrace

Conveniently, the fastest way to get ore or farm ore in Pikmin 4 is through the first region you start the game in. This is known as the Sun-Speckled Terrace.

Pikmin 4 Best/Fastest Ore Farming Route Guide - Sun Speckled Terrace

There is a farming route here that we are going to mention below in detail that helps you get Ore in Pikmin 4 quickly.

Requires Pikmin for Ore Farming Run

First of all, get as many Pikmin as you can get out. A minimum of 40 to something around a mark of 100 works exceptionally here. You can also start off with 20 or 30 if you like, but that makes things a bit time taking.

First Ore Pile/Hole

Now, get to the middle base which is mentioned above in the image. Run under the house and throw 10 Pikmin there. Below, we also have an image for that. Each hole should have 10 Pikmin at least.

Fastest Way to Get Ore in Pikmin 4 - First Ore Pike/Hole

Second Ore Pile/Hole

Get up to the Industrial Maze entrance and you will also find another hold just left to it.

Fastest Way to Get Ore in Pikmin 4 - Second Ore Pile/Hole

Third Ore Pile/Hole

Get down from there and just around the Last Frost Cavern, behind it. You will find another Hole a few steps back. Fill it will 10 Pikmin again.

As you walk around, you can pick Pikmin along the path to make it more efficient. You can also come back afterward to get more Pikmin if you don’t have enough of these.

Forth Ore Pile/Hole

From the region, where you have Pink Ores on the ground and flowers around it, you will find another Hole in the region mentioned below.

Fastest Way to Get Ore in Pikmin 4 - Forth Ore Pile/Hole

You can pick your Pikmin from the first few routes as they are completed, but if you have more Pikmin, you can turn back from here and take the right to top the mountain.

Fifth and Sixth Ore Pile/Hole

Head to the top of the mountain from the previous Ore Pile/Hole Path, taking a right. You will also find Pink Ore on the ground with Flowers around in the region. Another Ore Hole is present there.

Fastest Way to Get Ore in Pikmin 4 - Fifth and Sixth Ore Pile/Hole

Take another right and you will come across another Ore Pile between two Flower Pots.

Completing Pikmin 4 Best/Fastest Ore Farming Route

Now, it is time to walk back to the Beagle and wait for them to come in. If you have the Idler’s Alert from Rust if you have it, but in case you don’t there is nothing to worry about.

The reason for using them is optimal Ore Farming in Pikmin 4. They can get stuck, so when you call back the Pikmin, you might not get all the Ores at once.

Finally, End the Day and that would be all in our Pikmin 4 Best Ore Farming Guide. This is by far the Fastest Ore Farming Route in Pikmin 4 that you will find.

As for the final part, you can now head to the market and use all the Ores you collected to Unlock All the Gear that you couldn’t.

Complete Pikmin 4 Best/Fastest Ore Farming Route

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