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Planet Of The Apes TimeLines

The Planet of the Apes timeline is really comprised of four separate coherencies set up through the span of the whole establishment. Until this point in time, the Planet of the Apes film establishment traverses about 50 years and incorporates the first pentalogy, a 2001 change coordinated by Tim Burton, and a reboot set of three featuring Andy Serkis.

The following is a breakdown of the four unmistakable timelines which make up the whole Planet of the Apes film establishment.



This Planet of the timeline represents the initial two movies of the pentalogy, Planet of the Apes and Beneath the Planet of the Apes.

Few discrepancies with the original timeline:

There are a few inconsistencies with the first timetable; Planet of the Apes builds up the beginning stage in the year 3978. Be that as it may, beneath appears to retcon this, setting the activity a while after the occasions of Planet of the Apes yet moves it to the year 3955. Some contend a specialized glitch on Brent’s spaceship in Beneath prompted a bogus PC perusing, expressing it was 3955 when he crash arrives as he continued looking for Taylor. In that capacity, the year 3978 is the legitimate beginning stage where the first course of events is concerned.

Twentieth Century Fox’s “War for the Planet of the Apes.”

The YEAR 1972:

Space travelers Taylor, Landon, Stewart, and Dodge leave Earth. The group is on a mission that includes voyaging 700 years into what’s to come.

November 3978:

The group’s ship crash arrives on an obscure planet. Stewart kicks the bucket. The group has endured because of going into hibernation while going at light speed and just feeling the impacts of a slight time enlargement, maturing roughly a year and a half. Their ship sinks.

Subsequent to deciding they’ve arrived on an outsider planet, Taylor and Landon are kidnapped alongside a gathering of crude, quiet people. Their captors are gorillas on horseback who walk, talk and act like people. Taylor supports throat damage, rendering him incapable to talk.

Taylor is held hostage with other quiet people and is examined by chimpanzee researchers Dr. Zira and Dr. Zaius. He before long learns the planet he’s arrived on is possessed by talking primates who have all sunk into a particular social chain of importance and have built up their very own general public. They consider human’s mediocre and use them for modest work or study them for science.

Zira and her life partner, Cornelius, check out Taylor. Cornelius indicates Taylor’s ancient rarities from when people existed on their planet. The primates additionally enlighten Taylor regarding the Forbidden Zone, a spot outside of Ape City where Taylor accepts he may discover more data about the lost human progress.

After an encounter with Zaius, Taylor and his female human countryman, Nova, take off to look for the Forbidden Zone. Zira and Cornelius are accused of blasphemy for helping Taylor and Nova.

As Taylor and Nova ride on horseback on their hunt, they go over the Statue of Liberty, covered in the sand. Taylor makes the alarming acknowledgment he has by one way or another accident arrived on Earth, hundreds of years after people devastated the planet.

The YEAR 3979:

Only a couple of months after Taylor and Nova’s departure, a space traveler named Brent crash-arrives on a similar planet. He and another space traveler (who kicks the bucket in the accident) were dispatched to find Taylor and his group after their vanishing.

Brent experiences Nova, who is wearing Taylor’s canine labels. Nova takes Brent to Ape City, where he sees General Ursus requiring an intrusion of the Forbidden Zone while Zaius dissents. Brent is harmed by a gorilla solider and Nova takes him to Zira and Cornelius’ home to think about him. There, Zira and Cornelius enlighten Brent concerning their time with Taylor a few months prior and uncover where he may have gone.

Zira enables Brent and Nova to dodge catch by the gorilla armed force. They take asylum in a cavern Brent acknowledges was at one time the Queensboro Plaza metro station in New York City. Brent and Nova separate from Zira and clear their path through the cavern framework to what used to be St. Patrick’s Cathedral. There, they discover a gathering of changed human survivors with clairvoyant capacities who love a nuclear bomb like the one which annihilated Earth hundreds of years prior. Brent is brought together with Taylor, who is being held hostage by the freaks.

The primate armed force attacks the caverns and a fight between the gorillas and freak people follows. Nova is slaughtered. The bomb is enacted by one of the freak chiefs. Taylor and Brent endeavor to prevent the bomb from going off. Brent is slaughtered and Taylor is lethally harmed. Taylor crumples and sets off the bomb, wrecking the whole planet.



A substitute course of events is built up in the last three movies of the first Planet of the Apes pentalogy (Escape from the Planet of the Apes, Conquest of the Planet of the Apes, and Battle for the Planet of the Apes).

This starts with Cornelius, Zira, and Dr. Milo getting away Earth in the year 3979 of every one of the fixed spaceships utilized by Taylor or Brent and experiencing a time travel back to Earth in 1973. Their endeavor to spare the planet from the devastation toward the part of the arrangement Planet of the Apes by returning in time. A key distinction with this course of events is the closure, which shows chimps and people living respectively in harmony as opposed to wrecking one another, just as Earth, as found in the past timetable.

Planet of the apes the caesar timeline
In this image released by Twentieth Century Fox, Caesar the chimp, a CG animal portrayed by Andy Serkis, and James Franco are shown in a scene from “Rise of the Planet of the Apes .” Studio estimates Sunday pegged “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” at $27.5 million, good enough for its second-straight No. 1 finish. The 20th Century Fox release raised its 10-day domestic total to $104.9 million(AP Photo/Twentieth Century Fox)

The YEAR 3979:

Zira (presently pregnant), Cornelius, and Dr. Milo escape in a spaceship and experience a time travel opened up by the nuclear bomb blast on Earth toward the part of the bargain.

The YEAR 1973:

The trio of primates arrive on Earth and are promptly arrested when it turns out to be clear they are profoundly astute and informative gorillas.

They invest a short measure of energy in an isolated ward of the Los Angeles Zoo, where Dr. Milo is sadly murdered in an awful mishap with another gorilla. Zira and Cornelius become friends with human specialists Branton and Lewis. Zira and Cornelius are then taken to a Presidential Commission gathered to make sense of what befell Taylor and his team. The gorillas uncover they can talk however don’t share their association with Taylor.

Zira and Cornelius secretly educate Branton and Lewis concerning their goals to forestall the coming war, how gorillas came to control Earth, and that they knew Taylor.

Government authorities become suspicious of Zira and Cornelius. After broad addressing, while affected by truth serum, Zira illuminates the President’s Science Advisor, Hasslein, how people cause their very own pulverization later on, how primates structure a social progressive system, and how chimps in this way come to control over the devastated human race. She likewise uncovers she tested and dismembered people, causing alarm among authorities who arrest Zira and Cornelius.

Branton helps Zira and Cornelius circumvent, giving them over to a carnival kept running by Armando. Zira brings forth a child, Milo. Armando attempts to help Zira, Cornelius, and Milo getaway to abstain from being murdered by Hasslein. Prior to the break, Zira switches Milo with another infant gorilla so he can remain safe under Armando’s consideration. Zira, Cornelius, and the gorilla child are slaughtered in the last standoff with Hasslein and his men. Milo starts to talk.

The YEAR 1983:

A pandemic range crosswise over Earth which slaughters all felines and canines.

The YEAR 1991:

The U.S. government has now partitioned the country into a gathering of police states dependent on chimp slave work. Armando has renamed Milo, presently calling him Caesar and preparing him to be a horseback rider. Caesar abhors performing humble work for people. Armando attempts to shield him and avoids others the way that he can talk.

Caesar is offered to be the captive of Governor Breck. He discovers that Armando has kicked the bucket while in authority care in the wake of being compelled to uncover Caesar is really the child of Zira and Cornelius.

Caesar starts furtively preparing gorillas how to battle and requests them to accumulate weapons. He plans to lead a gorilla uprising against their human proprietors. Caesar and his developing armed forces set up their strength by assuming control over Ape Management, liberating different primates and murdering people who remain in their manner. They likewise set their city ablaze.

Breck is taken as Caesar’s prisoner and is intended to be executed as a demonstration of the becoming stronger of the gorilla insubordination. Caesar’s brain is changed when his adoration intrigue, a primate named Lisa, uncovers she can likewise talk when she yells “No!” as a method for halting him. Rather than executing Breck, Caesar pronounces to the representative and to the people watching he expects to set up Earth as a planet administered by chimps.

The YEAR 2001:

Human development has fallen after an atomic war and Caesar’s uprising. Caesar, Lisa, their child Cornelius, and the primates who pursue Caesar have set up another general public. They endeavor to set up harmony with the rest of the people and being life once more. Caesar is contradicted by Aldo, a gorilla who needs to detain people and have them perform slave work for gorillas in Ape City, similarly as the primates were once exposed to subjugation.

Through the documented film of Zira and Cornelius’ declarations safeguarded in the radioactive remnants of an area known as the Forbidden City, Caesar watches his folks advise government authorities what will happen to Earth later on and what destiny anticipates the gorillas.

A gathering of human survivors driven by General Kolp (one of Caesar’s previous captors) tracks the whereabouts of Caesar and different gorillas to their Ape City home. Kolp proclaims war on the chimps to forestall the enduring people being executed off by Caesar and his military.

Aldo additionally designs a gorilla uprising against Caesar. He fundamentally wounds Cornelius and exploits Caesar keeping an eye on his child by having his gorilla supporters strike the Ape City arsenal.

Kolp and his men dispatch their assault on Caesar and the gorillas. Caesar drives the gorillas against Kolp, pushing people from Ape City. As Kolp’s military retreats, Aldo and different gorillas murder them off.

Aldo and Caesar go head to head after another chimp uncovers Aldo is the person who slaughtered Cornelius and damaged the law, which expresses that primates ought not to execute one another. Caesar pursues Aldo up a tree and they battle before Aldo dives to his demise.

Looking for harmony, Caesar arranges all weapons to be put away and utilized for coming fights.

The YEAR 2670:

A chimp named Lawgiver is seen describing Caesar’s story to a gathering of primate and human kids.


Tim Burton’s 2001 revamp of Planet of the Apes takes the essential vanity – space explorer crash-arrives on a weird planet led by a propelled gorilla society – yet makes it an altogether independent story with new characters, another impelling episode, and an alternate completion.

Burton’s Planet of the Apes changes the timespan, as well, moving the plot further into the future than the first pentalogy. This outcome in enormous change: the planet that hero Leo Davidson arrives on is really an outsider planet, not a future variant of Earth, which considers noticeably along with the part of the arrangement.

The YEAR 2029:

While onboard the space station Oberon, space traveler Leo Davidson sends one of his kindred space travelers, a chimpanzee named Pericles, on a performance trip into what resembles an electromagnetic tempest to accumulate data. Pericles’ sign is lost and Leo goes in a different space case to discover him.

Planet Of The Apes 2001

Ashlar, 5021:

Leo crash-arrives on the removed planet of Ashlar in the year 5021. He rapidly learns the planet is managed by cutting edge primates who can talk and ride on horseback, just as have their very own social pecking order, government, and human slaves.

Leo meets Ari, a primate thoughtful to the human slaves. Ari purchases Leo and a human lady, Daena, as slaves for her dad, Senator Sandar. Leo and Daena lead different people in a departure from Sandar’s home and take Limbo, a human slave broker, prisoner. Human-detesting General Thade drives a gathering of troopers in the quest for the people.

Leo and the meandering people, Limbo, and Ari (who followed them down) find the consecrated sanctuary of Calima. Leo acknowledges Calima is a piece of the vestiges of the space station Oberon, which he speculations smashed on Ashlar while scanning for Leo and Pericles.

Utilizing the Oberon log, Leon sorts out that the enduring gorillas being utilized as space travelers, much the same as Pericles, grouped together and developed after some time into the propelled chimp society of 5021. In the interim, the relatives of the people taking a shot at Oberon were transformed into slaves.

Afterward, Leo and the people go head to head against Thade and his military. In the warmth of fight, Pericles arrives on the combat zone. The gorillas quit battling, trusting Pericles to be the second-happening to their chimp progenitor, Semos, who was on board the Oberon.

Thade assaults Pericles and Leo. Leo traps Thade in a compartment of the Oberon ruins, leaves Pericles with Ari, and enlisted a spaceship back through the electromagnetic tempest.

Leo comes back to Earth, crash-arriving on the means of what he believes is the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. In the wake of leaving his case, he finds a statue out of appreciation for General Thade and is before long swarmed by cops, columnists, and ordinary natives, all uncovered to be primates. The ramifications of the consummation are that Thade figured out how to secure the other Oberon unit and crash-arrived on Earth a couple of hundred years before Leo’s landing, prompting the move in power from people to chimps.


The Planet of the Apes reboot set of three incorporates Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and War for the Planet of the Apes. Another inducing occurrence is acquainted in this set of three by clarifying how the chimps ascend to control.

Rather than atomic war clearing out the greater part of the people and enabling chimps to ascend in their place, an infection is incidentally made that slaughters people however improves the insight of gorillas. This enables the story to unfurl soon with Earth staying as an essential area.

Regardless of these changes, the Planet of the Apes reboot timetable, in the long run, works towards a similar closure as different congruities: the chimps set up themselves as the prevailing species on the planet.

The not so distant future:

In San Francisco, Gen-Sys Researcher Will Rodman scans for a solution for Alzheimer’s, utilizing chimpanzees as his guineas pigs. Will accepts his medication, ALZ-112 is the appropriate response in the wake of seeing one of the chimps, Bright Eyes, the show expanded knowledge. Will’s introduction with Bright Eyes goes astray after she goes out of control and is executed. It’s found Bright Eyes had an infant who was presented to ALZ-112 in the belly and has the equivalent particular eye shading as his mom. Will takes the child chimp in and names him Caesar.

After five years:

Will treats his dad, who experiences Alzheimer’s, with ALZ-112 and sees enhancements. In the meantime, Will raises Caesar. The youthful chimp addresses his condition and shows an anomaly for people’s lifestyles. A shocking occurrence with Will’s neighbor constrains him to place Caesar in a primate cover.

In the wake of being harassed by different chimps and one of the safe house representatives, Caesar aligns with perhaps the biggest gorilla in the sanctuary and builds up predominance over different gorillas.

In the interim, Gen-Sys builds up another type of Will’s Alzheimer’s medication, ALZ-113. A researcher inadvertently opens himself to the medication while testing it on a bonobo named Koba. Soon thereafter, the researcher turns out to be progressively sick.

Will attempts to take Caesar home yet Caesar won’t. He later breaks into Will’s home, takes canisters of ALZ-113, comes back to the safe house and uncovered different primates to the medication. This makes them more grounded, progressively canny and hardens their steadfastness to Caesar.

Caesar and the chimps get away from the primate cover. They head over to Gen-Sys labs, where they free Koba and different primates being utilized as guineas pigs.

Caesar drives the primates to the Golden Gate Bridge, where they ward off police as they attempt to make their break into the Redwood woods. There are setbacks yet the primates are effective. Will, viewing the scene unfurl from a far distance, approaches Caesar and inquires as to whether he will return home. Caesar reveals to Will he is now home, motioning to the primates going into the timberland. Will releases him.

It is uncovered the contaminated Gen-Sys researcher later gets onto a plane to Paris, which prompts the spread of the Simian Flu pandemic that objectives people.

After 10 years:

The Simian Flu has definitely diminished the human populace, leaving roughly one out of 500 people safe to the infection.

Caesar and the gorillas he liberated have set up a general public in the Muir Woods close San Francisco.

Malcolm, a human survivor, drives a gathering towards a hydroelectric dam, which they accept will reestablish capacity to San Francisco. Caesar’s child, Blue Eyes, and his companion, Ash, experience the gathering, and one of the people harms Ash. Caesar arranges the people to leave.

Koba urges Caesar to demonstrate the gorillas’ solidarity to the people. Caesar goes into the human settlement and denies them from going into the gorilla domain. Malcolm converses with a kindred human pioneer, Dreyfus, requesting time to cause harmony with the primates so they too can get to the dam. Caesar and Malcolm arrive at a comprehension. Caesar permits Malcolm and his group to deal with the dam. They effectively reestablish it.

Dreyfus gets ready for an encounter with the gorillas and arms the people with weapons from a neighborhood arsenal. Koba and a couple of different chimps find the weapons and take a few. Koba shoots Caesar and tells the primates that the people were the ones capable.

Koba drives a charge to San Francisco, accepting people as detainees. Malcolm and his family discover Caesar and take him to Will’s home, where he grew up. Malcolm goes to the primate settlement to get restorative supplies, experiences Blue Eyes and discloses to Caesar’s child it was Koba who shot his dad. Blue Eyes finds the human detainees and gorillas who disagreed against Koba, liberating them.

Malcolm drives the gorillas, including Caesar, to a pinnacle where they experience Dreyfus. It’s uncovered Dreyfus utilized the reestablished power to radio another army installation with survivors and they are on the way to safeguard the people against the chimps. Dreyfus at that point goes on a suicide mission to decimate the pinnacle, in light of the fact that the gathering of gorillas driven by Malcolm is still there. The arrangement comes up short.

Koba faces Caesar. After a warmed battle, Caesar murders Koba. Malcolm cautions Caesar of the coming war against the new gathering of people originating from the other army installation.

After two years:

Caesar and the primates wind up in a warmed, expanded fight with a U.S. military group called Alpha-Omega, driven by a man referred to just as The Colonel.

Blue Eyes returns for a recon mission where he reports the gorillas could make another home in the desert. Caesar wouldn’t like to leave the forested areas until the gorillas have killed the Alpha-Omega danger.

During an exploring activity, Caesar and his men find a youthful human young lady stowing away in a lodge who is quiet. They later name her Nova and she is made a piece of the chimp network.

Caesar’s gathering experiences another insightful chimp named Bad Ape, who leads them to Alpha-Omega’s base. Alpha-Omega warriors take Caesar and his gathering prisoner. Caesar finds that the remainder of the primate network has been detained and is being compelled to fabricate a divider to sustain the base against the U.S. Armed forces who are coming to take out Alpha-Omega.

The primates, Alpha-Omega, and the remainder of the U.S. Armed forces take part in a warmed fight. Caesar figures out how to explode a military tank which causes a torrential slide, slaughtering the Alpha-Omega powers and the Army. The gorillas make due to climbing trees.

Caesar and the chimps make it over the desert to the desert spring and make it their new home. Caesar, in the end, bites the dust from wounds supported in a fight.

If you have not seen Planet of the apes yet, you have surely missed a lot.

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