How To Purchase PlayStation 5 in the UK? PS5 UK Stock

How To Purchase PlayStation 5 in the UK? PS5 UK Stock

The price of the recently launched PlayStation 5 is $399 and as we are well-aware of its stunning features now, this price seems justified to its loyal users and as well as potential customers. Although it is $100 expensive than its competitor, Xbox, the features are different and somewhat better too.

The release date of PlayStation 5 was 12th November 2020 for the users who live in the USA, Australia, Canada, Japan, Mexico, and South Korea. The users who were desperately waiting for its release can easily buy it from Amazon, Target, GameStop, Walmart, and Best Buy. Keep checking their online stores. Moreover, today at 8 am the Playstation 5 went on sale in the UK. In a few hours, the whole stock of PS5 was sold out in Amazon, GAME, BT, Curry’s, Argos, John Lewis, Very, and Sony. The price of PS5 and the PS5 Digital Edition in the UK is £449.99 and £359.99, respectively. People in the UK are having a hard time finding online retailers where PS5 is still in stock.

Due to the volume of PlayStation 5’s in the UK market and the size of the product, the launch has led to UK wide delivery challenges for all retailers and couriers

How To Purchase PlayStation 5 in the UK? PS5 UK Stock

Where to purchase PlayStation 5 in the UK?

Because of the COVID-19, Sony confirmed that PlayStation 5 will be only available through retailers’ online stores like Walmart, Target, Amazon, etc. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the stock was limited in the UK today on the launch day. However, there are people selling PS5 on eBay at an increased rate due to the high demand in the UK. We won’t recommend that since you’ll be able to purchase the PS5 at the normal rate in a day or two. Amazon UK is most probably going to restock PS5 soon. Keep an eye on this PlayStation 5 Console. People are pretty disheartened by the fact that the stock was too low on the launch day while some people who were able to get the PS5 today are creating unboxing videos on Twitter and YouTube.

PS5 is also out of stock at Game’s Official Website. Your best bet is to keep an eye on the following retailers.

We will be updating the links as soon as the above online retailers restock the Playstation 5.

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