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President Trump Twitter Account Hacked

President Trump Twitter Account was hacked again. It was more like, the hacker guessed the password. A Dutch security researcher claims that he accessed Trump’s Twitter account by guessing his password which was “maga2020!”. However, Twitter says there is no evidence if this is true. Victor Gevers, a security researcher at the GDI Foundation told TechCrunch that he attempted five times and on his fifth attempt he was successful in guessing the password. He said, “I expected to be blocked after four failed attempts. Or at least would be asked to provide additional information”.

President Trump Twitter Account Hacked

Moreover, the Twitter of President Trump was not even protected by two-factor authentication. It’s not the first time Gevers accessed President Trump’s Twitter account. On these claims, a Twitter spokesperson said:

We’ve seen no evidence to corroborate this claim, including from the article published in the Netherlands today. We proactively implemented account security measures for a designated group of high-profile, election-related Twitter accounts in the United States, including federal branches of government.

Remarkably, it wasn’t the first time Gevers has gained access to the president’s Twitter account. In 2016 he and two others guessed Trump’s password and got into his account. Back then Trump’s password was ‘yourefired’.

Katie Phang

It’s unbelievable that a man that can cause international incidence and crash stock markets with his Tweets has such a simple password and no two-factor authentication. Bearing in mind his account was hacked in 2016 and he was saying only a couple of days ago that no one is hacked the irony is vintage 2020.

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