Pretty Little Liars Reboot by Riverdale's Creator: Plot, Cast and Release Date

Pretty Little Liars Reboot by Riverdale’s Creator: Plot, Cast and Release Date

Pretty Little Liars is returning again to your screens soon. The show ended in 2017. It has been three years since the show ended and now finally the show is getting a reboot. CW and shows creator tried their best to create the spin-off shows as good as Pretty Little Liars but failed. Perfectionist only lasted a season. But according to reports by THR and their source is confident enough that the show is going to come back with a new story-line and new characters. However, it is not confirmed yet whether not they are working on a new show right now.

Pretty Little Liars Reboot by Riverdale's Creator: Plot, Cast and Release Date

Connection with Riverdale

You might be wondering what pretty little liars reboot has to do with Riverdale? The PLL reboot is rumored to be created and directed by Riverdale’s creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa. He also created the show Chilling Adventures of Sabrina which is also based on Archie comics. But, he is interested in this high school thriller drama show. Some people might debate both pretty little liars and Riverdale are quite similar.

Riverdale and Pretty little liars have the same pace. Both of them have twists and murder mysteries. That is why it makes sense why Roberto is interested in the show. However, this might be a big rumor. Creating something similar to an iconic show that already has a big fan following might be a big risk.

Pretty Little Liars Reboot by Riverdale's Creator: Plot, Cast and Release Date

What is Pretty Little Liars Reboot About?

There is no news about the plot of the series yet. It is too early to say something about the plot of the show yet. But according to some sources, they will keep the same theme. PLL is based on a story about four girls and how their changes when their group leader Allison disappears mysteriously one night. They immediately start to receive cryptic messages from someone named “A”.


It is too early to say anything about the cast. But the perfectionist had Janel Parrish and Sasha Pieterse. Both of them played important roles in pretty little liars. But the spin-off show was canceled.So, they might return to the reboot show. But, if it is a reboot we might see a ot of new faces in the show.

Lucy Hale appeared in the spin-off of Riverdale. But that show got canceled just after season one. However, the show had a reasonable rating and some solid fan base. The cancelation of the show disturbed Lucy hale. She was quite happy to be part of the show. She even called it the highlight of her career.

Lucy Hale said this about the cancelation of show:

“I think that sometimes things just don’t work out and maybe it was just not the right time for it, I don’t know, I’m a little confused,” 

Even Camila Mendes also supported Lucy Hale. Camila Mendes plays Veronica in Riverdale. She said this about the cancelation of the show:

“Katy Keene saved my life and my whole quarantine! I watched every Thursday with all my family, we cried, laughed, and sang with you! We are going to miss this softie girl who I love” and “Katy Keene was a trying amazing show and it was such an honor to be able to watch it.”

So after this huge shook for Lucy hale, it might not make sense for her to return for the reboot. She did not have a pleasant time working with the creators of Riverdale.

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