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Prone in Xdefiant – How to lie down on the ground?

Every FPS game is incomplete without the Prone Mechanism, where you lie down on the ground. Xdefiant is the latest entry in the FPS genre, but players are curious whether there is a Prone in Xdefiant or not. Here in this guide, we are going to share with you the details.

Prone in Xdefiant - How to lie down on the ground?

Can you Lie Down on the Ground in Xdefiant?

No, you actually can’t lie down on the ground in Xdefiant. There is no Prone here. It might feel strange that an FPS game that is an exact replica of CPD, doesn’t actually have a Prone.

But, there is a reason behind that, which we are going to discuss below.

Why there is no Prone in Xdefiant?

In most of the FPS games, there is a fast pace gameplay. Exactly in COD, you are just running around, equipping plates, and fighting enemies using weapons.

You can also use tactics that include grenades, flashes, and so on. Then there are players who don’t want to play fair and just camp around the corners.

Sitting at the location and waiting for the whole game to end, so they can come out. Yes, there are some who do this thing.

This is probably because of the prone mechanism, where you lie down on the ground. Players just use it to lie down on specific spots where players don’t notice them.

Then they attack the enemies from behind killing them in return. Xdefiant doesn’t have that, so it means, you basically can’t camp like usual.

Prone in Xdefiant - How to lie down on the ground?

The Verdict

No, you can’t be prone in Xdefiant. You can’t lie down on the ground and camp like usual, as you can do in COD. The reason for that is that players are usually using it to camp and wait for enemies to come by. Then they attack them and try to win unfairly.

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