PS3 Has No Games Meme Meaning

PS3 Has No Games Meaning

The gaming community has a different type of mind, and sometimes the phrases or sentences they mention are hard to understand. PS3 Has No Games is a phrase or a sentence that is used by gamers, criticizing the games that are available on PS3 (PlayStation 3). But why? Here in this article, we are going to share with you details on why is it so.

PS3 Has No Games Meme Meaning

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Why are gamers saying PS3 Has No Games?

PS3 was one of the best consoles to ever exist and was introduced way back in 2005 by Sony. Now, we have PS5 with a ton of titles, but way back in 2006, there weren’t many games available on PlayStation 3.

Due to the Console War, a war between Xbox and PlayStation, gamers started using PS3 Has No Games, because Xbox was doing very well. Then, PC Gamers got into the war as well, pushing the limits of PS3 having no game critique.

History of PS3 Has No Games: How it started?

In 2007, PS3 Has No Games started going viral on Yahoo Answers/Questions. Then, it was found on the 4chan board for video games. Things got out of hand and everyone using PS3 had No Games including PC, Mac, and Xbox users.

PS3 Has No Games Meme on Yahoo and 4Chan

What is the Meaning of PS3 Has No Games?

It doesn’t mean anything else except that PlayStation 3 Has No Game Titles that it feels proud of. This is kind of too much because PlayStation 3 had some of the best titles in gaming history including The Last of Us, God of War 3, Infamous, Uncharted 2, Demon’s Souls, and other Top of Line Exclusives of PS3.

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