PTCL Users Facing Slow-browsing (1)

PTCL Users Facing Slow-browsing, students worried

PTCL Users are facing Slow-browsing issues and some students are worried about how are they going to attend tomorrow’s lecture. PTCL is yet to reveal what happened. Probably sharks bit the submarine cables again as usual. Due to the pandemic, institutions are left with only one option “Online Classes” which requires a good internet connection. While every other company is trying to help, PTCL is doing the exact opposite.

Gamers face the most because of PTCL. A guy playing CSGO and winning a match 12-10, and suddenly ptcl goes down. Match lost, 24-hour cooldown activated and all that guy can do is curse PTCL. Dota 2 has a more serious punishment pool, you have to play 5 low-priority matches in order to get out of it.

Facebook is developing “Discover App” that will provide free Internet

Is PTCL down Nationwide?

Yes, PTCL is down in the whole Pakistan. Other internet services are working perfectly fine except for PTCL. Websites that are hosted on local/Pakistani servers are running well, while websites like Facebook are taking some time to load.

PTCL Users are cursing it while non PTCL Users are flexing their internet speed on Twitter.

When it is going to be fixed?

Ptcl has yet to comment on it, however, we hope that they will fix it as soon as possible. We have tried calling them on 1218 but no one is available right now. Because of COVID-19, their staff is short.

Masab Farooque
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