Ragnarok is Netflix's Thor?
Magne is the new Netflix's Thor in the new series Ragnarok.

Ragnarok (TV Series) Review: Netflix’s Thor?

Ragnarok is a new super-hero, fantasy drama series that is based on a small-town that experiences climate change and violent downpour which can lead to another Ragnarok. The series revolves around mythological beings, God and Giants specifically.

You must have heard about Marvel’s Thor, so when you hear about this series, you think about Thor, Odin, and Loki, etc. Sorry to disappoint you, it’s nothing like that. It is totally different. In this series, Magne who becomes Thor in the first episode after an old woman touches his head.


The cast of Ragnarok Season 1 includes David Stakston as Magne ( Thor). Jonas Strand Gravli as Lauritis, Herman Tommeraas as Fjor. Theresa Frostad Eggesbø as Saxa, Emma Bones as Gry. Gísli Örn Garðarsson as Vidar. Ylva Bjørkaas Thedin as Isolde,
Synnøve Macody Lund as Ran(Principal).

Cast of Ragnarok Netflix

Magne and Jutul Family

Magne along with his mother turid and brother lauritis moves to Edde, a small town in Norway. When they enter the town, Magne helps an old man in a scooter. After seeing this act of kindness, an old woman comes out and touches Magne’s forehead, on doing so, changes him.

After this, magne was able to guess that it was going to rain even though the sky was pretty much clear. At first, he didn’t realize, that he has super-powers now. Magne along with his brother joins a school in which Ran is the principal, who is a part of the giant family, the jutul’s. The Jutul family owns the town. In school, Magne makes a new friend Isolde, which he finds very kind-hearted. Isolde was always making videos about how the environment is messed up in that town because of climate change which jutul family was bringing. The glacier on the top of local mountain was melting even though it was winters, but it was warm-winters in that town.

Death of Isolde

Isolde and Magne became good friends, they decided to visit the local mountains. On their journey, halfway, Magne receives a text that his mother is ill, so he goes back to check up on her, but finds out that it was a prank by his brother. Isolde, then goes back, on his way, he sees Isolde paragliding, suddenly, she crashes on a pole and dies. The sky was clear at that time, but police closed the case and concluded that she lost control due to the thunderstorm, but the truth was, she found out Jutul Industries and the tunnel in which they were hiding the barrels, So Vidar, the Giant, kills her.

Isolde in Ragnarok.

Giants finds out about Magne’s Powers

Fjor and Saxa invites both Magne and his brother lauritis, Ran and Magne do a hand-wrestling challenge and the Giants find out that he has powers, first Giants thought of him as a threat but then they try to start an alliance, but Magne finds out truth about Vidar, that he killed Isolde, and finds out about his tunnel in the glaciers.

Vidar vs Magne (God vs Giant): Ragnarok

Fjor tells Magne the truth about the barrels, and when they are getting shipped, Magne uses that information and throw some of the barrels in the school, the police then finds Vidar guilty of using hazardous chemicals in the water.

magne in Ragnarok , acting like thor.

Vidar orders Fjor to kill Gry, who is also a crush of Magne. When fjor is doing the deed even though he didn’t want to, Magne intervenes and saves Gry. Vidar shows up and, the clash begins between Magne and Vidar. Magne wins the battle by calling out the thunder from the sky.

Netflix’s Ragnarok Season 2?

Ragnarok Season 1 was released on 31st January 2020. There is no news on season 2 yet, as Netflix doesn’t public shows ratings on the internet. So we don’t know how did the show go in terms of ratings, but fans found it quite amusing, so Season 2 is expected.

Magne is Netflix Thor!

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