Netflix Ratched Season 2 Confirmed

Netflix Ratched Season 2 Confirmed

Ryan Murphy is known for bringing the best for his audience. He has three projects with Netflix including Ratched. Murphy earned a lot of praise for The Politician. However, Ratched is gaining a lot of positive reviews from both critics and the audience.

It has been in the Top 10 list of Netflix since its premiere. It shows that people are enjoying the series. They are demanding the second season of the show as the rest of us. Luckily, Netflix always planned a second season. The show has a fast pace and it is interesting to watch. It is a great mix of horror and thrill. That is why Ratched is still trending in a lot of countries on Netflix since its release.

Ratched Season 2 is confirmed by Netflix.

Sarah Paulson confirmed the Ratched Season 2

Sarah Paulson (Nurse Ratched) revealed and confirmed that there is going to be a Ratched Season 2. However, Netflix demanded two seasons of the show from the creators back in 2017.

Sarah said this in an interview with Harper Bazzar when asked about the second season of the show;

“We’re definitely doing a second season, but if we were to go on, the plan would be to do about four seasons,” she says. “And in the fourth season, we end up in the Cuckoo’s Nest era. But I don’t believe we will ever find ourselves in the hospital [from the movie] unless it’s pre-McMurphy being admitted unless it’s pre all those patients being there. Unless you want to see computer-generated Danny DeVito’s and Jack Nicholsons acting with me, which, I don’t know that that’s the way to do it.”

If the show is going to have four seasons then it means that they will surely create a cross-over with One flew over the Cuckoo’s nest. Fans are excited, they believe that the cross-over might happen if the show is going to have for seasons.

Ratched Season 2 is confirmed by Netflix.


Season one of the show ended with a cliffhanger and a time jump. We saw how Edmund escaped from the facility along with his new friends. We saw Briggs being diagnosed with lung cancer and spending time with Nurse Ratched in Mexico after she left Lucia hospital. Edmund finds out that Ratched always wanted Edmund to be murdered. He calls Ratched and threatens her that he will find her and kill her. But, Ratched assures him that she will find him and kill him first.

In the second season , we are definitely going to see Edmund Vs Ratched. How Ratched will get rid of her murderous brother.

Release Date

There is no news about the release date of Ratched Season 2 yet. However, it might release next year. There is no official statement about the release date of the show. Both Sarah Paulson and Ryan Murphy have a busy schedule. Ryan Murphy is currently working on The Prom, it is a musical. However, he is also working on the show American crime story: impeachment.

On the other hand, Sarah Paulson is all set to appear in American Horror story season 10. We might have to wait for a while for the season 2 of the show.

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