Remnant 2 Should You Kill or Save the Doe?

Remnant 2 Should You Kill or Save the Doe?

Remnant 2, a thrilling third-person shooter action role-playing video game crafted by the talented developers at Gunfire Games and skillfully published by Gearbox Publishing. Released in July 2023 as the much-anticipated sequel to the well-received Remnant: From the Ashes, the game quickly captivated players worldwide with its seamless blend of action-packed shooting mechanics and deep role-playing elements. In the vast and dangerous world of Remnant 2, players encounter numerous choices, each potentially shaping their path and rewards. One of the pivotal decisions players face is in the questline involving the Corrupted Ravager, a returning boss from the previous installment, and the beloved Red Doe of Yaesha.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into Remnant 2 Should You Kill or Save the Doe? examining the options available and the rewards associated with each choice. Whether to kill or save the Red Doe is a pivotal moment, and we will explore the implications of both decisions to help you make an informed choice. Additionally, we will shed light on a hidden third option that may not be immediately apparent.

Remnant 2 Should You Kill or Save the Doe?

Remnant 2 Should You Kill or Save the Doe?

When players enter the Ravager’s Lair, they come face to face with the Corrupted Ravager, a character well-known to those who have played Remnant: From the Ashes. The Corrupted Ravager reveals his past experiences traveling with humans and the circumstances that led him to be saved by the Root. He has captured the injured Red Doe, a beloved creature on Yaesha, and asks the player to end its suffering and seal the pact with him.

The decision players make at this moment will determine the quest’s outcome and the rewards they receive. There are two main choices: kill the Red Doe or save it using a Relic charge. Additionally, a third option exists that players may not immediately realize.

Kill the Doe

Opting to kill the Doe is the quickest option, simply requiring a few shots to put it down. As a reward, players receive the Ravager’s Mark Amulet, which increases damage dealt to bleeding targets by 20%. Furthermore, this choice leads to an alternate boss fight against the Corrupted Ravager and unlocks the “Was This Supposed To Happen?” achievement for getting an alternate boss reward. Solo players are also rewarded with the “Only Human” achievement for killing a world boss without taking damage.

Save the Doe

Choosing not to kill the Doe will require players to face the Corrupted Ravager in a boss fight. To save the Doe, players can use a Relic charge to heal it, causing it to escape. After defeating the Corrupted Ravager, players will be rewarded with the Doe’s Antler material. This valuable resource can be used to craft the Red Doe Staff, a formidable melee weapon that summons the Spirit of the Red Doe to charge forward and trample over enemies. Additionally, the Spirit of the Red Doe regenerates 10% health to all allies, making it an excellent choice for party healers.

A Hidden Third Option

While the choice to kill or save the Doe seems straightforward, there is a hidden third option that players may not immediately realize. If players choose not to kill the Doe and avoid reviving it with a Relic charge, the Doe will escape on its own. This outcome will also lead to the boss fight against the Corrupted Ravager, and players will be rewarded with the Doe’s Antler, just like when choosing to save the Doe.

Remnant 2 Should You Kill or Save the Doe?

Final Words

The Ravager’s Choice Quest “Remnant 2 Should You Kill or Save the Doe?” in Remnant 2 presents players with a crucial decision that impacts the rewards they receive and the outcome of the questline. Whether players choose to kill the Red Doe and obtain the Ravager’s Mark Amulet or save the Doe and acquire the Doe’s Antler to craft the powerful Red Doe Staff, both choices offer unique benefits. Additionally, the hidden third option, where the Doe escapes on its own, provides the same rewards as saving the Doe.

As you continue your thrilling journey through Remnant 2, remember that each choice you make contributes to the richness of your experience. Whether you opt for a bleed build and choose to kill the Doe or decide to embrace the power of the Red Doe Staff, your choices shape the world of Remnant 2 and the challenges that lie ahead. Choose wisely, and may your adventure be filled with excitement and memorable moments.

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