Remnant 2: Tormentor's Pommel Location

Remnant 2: Tormentor’s Pommel Location

Remnant 2 DLC, the Awakened King brings new items and possibilities into the mix. While there are new and devastating ranged weapons, there are some fascinating melee weapons here as well. One of these weapons is called the Wrathbringer which can only be crafted using the Tormentor’s Pommel. Here in this guide, we will share with you details on Tormentor’s Pommel Location and will give you steps on How to get Tormentor’s Pommel in Remnant 2.

What is Tormentor’s Pommel and what is its use?

Tormentor’s Pommel is a crafting material in the game that belongs to One True King, the antagonist of the new DLC and also the final boss of “The Awakened King”.

Furthermore, you can use the Tormentor’s Pommel specifically to craft one of the best Melee Weapons in the game called Wrathbringer – One True King’s Melee Weapon.

What is Tormentor's Pommel and what is its use in Remnant 2?

How to get Tormentor’s Pommel in Remnant 2

Whatever path you take, in the end, you will have to fight “One True King”, who is the final boss in the Remnant 2 DLC, and also the antagonist of the story. Whether you fight with Nimue and defeat her, following One True King’s orders, or you fight One True King head-on, you will have to defeat him one way or another.

But, if you fight and defeat One True King before he becomes empowered, you will get “Tormentor’s Pommel” as a reward for defeating him.

Furthermore, you can then take the Tormentor’s Pommel to the McCabe Crafting Store in Ward 13, and get Wrathbringer Melee Weapon in return.

How to get Tormentor's Pommel in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 Wrathbringer Explained – Use, Stats, and Mutator Mod

Wrathbringer is a melee mace weapon in Remnant 2 DLC, the Awakened King that deals a massive amount of damage, and also has Awakening dealing 5 percent more melee damage on top.

It looks quite similar to One True King in the sense that it has the same texture and the same golden embroidery on top. It is a heavy melee weapon, so the speed is going to be an issue here, compensated by the massive damage.


When you get Wrathbringer in Remnant 2, you also get the “Awakening” weapon mod. When you receive damage, it will automatically equip Awakening enhancing the damage to 5 percent on each stack. There are 10 stacks in total, meaning you can get up to 50 percent more damage with Awakening Mod on Wrathbringer.

One more thing to note here is that you can’t take out the Awakening Weapon Mod from Wrathbringer, as it is permanent and exclusive to the melee weapon.

Who is Wrathbringer for?

If you like hammers and massive melee weapons like mace, you will love Wrathbringer. It comes with the following stats:

  • 6 percent critical hit chance
  • +85 percent weak spot damage
  • 80 percent stagger modifier
Remnant 2 Wrathbringer Explained - Use, Stats, and Mutator Mod

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