How to Stop Snapchat My AI Chatbot from Accessing Your Location

How to Remove Snapchat AI Bot from Feed?

Pay to remove ChatBot...What?

Pay to remove ChatBot...What?

Snapchat has recently released a new Chatbot powered by ChatGPT that lets you talk to it and the responses are quite overwhelming. So much so that some users aren’t even ready to use it yet. But, Snapchat is just releasing it on all users’ feeds without their permission and yes, that’s pretty creepy in itself. Here’s How to Remove Snapchat AI Bot from Feed.

How to Remove Snapchat AI Bot from Feed?

Can you Unfriend Snapchat AI Bot?

Well, no! You can’t Unfriend the Snapchat AI Bot. Whether you paid for Snapchat Plus or not, both won’t be able to get rid of the Snapchat AI Bot through unfriending.

But if you want to clear the AI Chatbot from Snapchat, you will need to have Snapchat Plus. Clearing it isn’t even an option for the non-paid users here.

How to Remove Snapchat AI Bot from Feed?

The most terrifying thing is that it shouldn’t be an option for non-paid users because most of the time AI Chatbots are paid, especially the good ones that were custom-made.

Here, Snapchat is basically not even letting the non-paid users remove it, as well as making it completely free for users to use, whether paid or not. In order to Remove Snapchat AI Bot from your Snapchat Feed, you will have to become a Snapchat Plus Member or a paid member of this social media platform.

Then you have to get to your feed and remove it just as normal like you delete Snaps and other stuff from your feed.

How to Remove Snapchat AI Bot from Feed?

Steps to Delete Snapchat AI ChatBot

  • Get Snapchat+ and become a Snapchat Paid Member
  • Go to your Snapchat Feed
  • Delete the Snapchat AI Bot

Simple as that!


Things are pretty creeping out here with the release of ChatBots everywhere. They know your personal stuff, as well as what you type, how you type, what are your interests, why is it even that, and even the images you have stored. Sometimes users want it as a paid feature for their work purpose, but Snapchat is giving it out for free. The issue is that the Snapchat AI ChatBot can’t be removed as a friend for both members, either paid or unpaid, but to remove it from your feed, you will have to become a Snapchat + Member. Pretty strange!

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