Rick Grimes Dies

Rick Grimes Death In The Comics Explained

Rick Grimes is the man behind the great story of The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead is on the TV for more than a decade. The fan base is increasing day by day. However, sometimes the show is criticized for gory death scenes and empty plots but it does not mean that people are not paying attention to it.

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However, Rick Grimes played by the talented Andrew Lincoln on the show was saved last season when a lady took him away in a chopper.

But long story short, Rick Grimes is not dead in The Walking Dead TV series and movies. But, sadly Rick Grimes died in Comics. He died in comics issues #192

What happened? Rick Grimes Death

Rick Grimes was one of the best characters on the Walking Dead. He was the most loved character too. However, according to Robert Kirkman, writer for The Walking Dead comics. Rick died.

Rick Grimes and his gang found shelter in Alexandria. Hilltop then Kingdom and all the other communities were brought together. However, after defeating the strongest Villian in the history of Walking dead and he is still alive by the way Negan. Now, Negan is out and he is a prominent part of both comics and TV series. After the whisperer’s war, Rick and his crew were involved with Commonwealth people and the walking dead universe is going towards its end rapidly.

Rick Grimes was killed by the son of Governor Pamela Milton. Pamela was having a tough time with her people. There was a conflict between Pamela and the citizens of the Commonwealth.

After, Rick’s powerful speech where he told people that once he also believed that Savagery and power were the only way to achieve and survive in this world but he was wrong. He told people his view in the most heroic way ever. Rick Grimes even ended his speech with his common slogan ”We are not The Walking Dead”.

Walking Dead Rick Grimes Death

However, elections were near in commonwealth and after Rick’s speech, Sebastian who was a son of Pamela Milton killed Rick. He shot him once and after realizing what he has done. He shot Rick thrice while he was sleeping.

CARL had to put Rick Grimes down:

Later, carl found Rick in his room as a Walker. Carl put him down immediately and cried after killing him.

Rick Grimes Death Scene in the Comics

He showed mercy

Some people might call him mercy. After Carl found out that Sebastian killed Rick he ordered to keep his prison. He did not kill him just like his father spared Negan. It was Carl’s way of honoring his dad.


Carl seemed really upset over rick’s death but yet he was a little calm. He told Michonne that he can not live without his father. But we all know the truth that Rick prepared his son to face the worst.

Come on, no matter what Robert Kirkman says, The Walking Dead does not work without Rick Grimes. Why else would he have ended the comics series one issue after his death?— Michael Curtis Laney (@Master_Vyle) October 8, 2019

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