How To Watch "Ring of Fire" Solar Eclipse June 2020

How To Watch “Ring of Fire” Solar Eclipse June 2020

June’s Solar Eclipse is going to happen after the moon enters the “new moon” phase. Moon will be far from Earth and the size of moon will not be able to cover the sunlight. It’s a annular solar eclipse, which is going to occur tomorrow on 21st June, 2020.

Earth & the Moon are in a constant dance as they orbit the Sun. This weekend, they’ll create 2 special events. Today marks the #SummerSolstice in the Northern Hemisphere. Tomorrow an annular solar eclipse will be visible across Africa & Asia


Regions like Africa to the Arabian Peninsula, India, and Southern China are going to witness the “Ring of Fire” tomorrow. These annular solar eclipses happen every year or two.

How To Watch "Ring of Fire" Solar Eclipse June 2020

Annular eclipses are similar to total eclipses in that the moon, Earth, and sun are aligned so that the moon moves directly in front of the Sun as viewed from Earth.

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According to the experts, “Ring of Fire” eclipse is going to last about 3.75 hours, but the duration as it passes different regions will be around one minute and a half. If you are interested in watching it online follow the following steps.

How To Watch Solar Eclipse Online

There are many channels on Youtube which are going to live stream the whole Eclipse phase. If you are going to watch it irl live, follow the advise of an expert:

Because the Sun is so incredibly bright, it is still too bright to look at with unprotected eyes,” Young said. “You need safe solar viewing glasses or special filters for use with telescopes or binoculars.

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