Riverdale Celebs are Ruling the Hollywood right now.

Riverdale was released in 2017. It became an overnight success there is no doubt about it. The series is based on Archie Comics. The series changed the lives of the actors and also is a gift to Hollywood. These Riverdale celebs are ruling the Hollywood right now.

Cole Sprouse: Perks of being a Riverdale cast

Cole Sprouse is winning our hearts since the day he appeared with his twin brother Dylan Sprouse on the suite life of Zack and Cody.

These two bothers were out of the public image for a while. after graduating college they came back to Hollywood.

Cole Sprouse was cast in Riverdale as Jughead. The character is smart and dark. It is one of the most favorite characters on the TV right now.

Before Riverdale Cole Sprouse was a photographer and he still does photography but now these days we see him in Hollywood rather than shooting Kendall Jenner.

Five Feet Apart: Cole Sprouse

It’s not only Riverdale that changed and gave a good reputation to our favorite cole Sprouse. But it was just a beginning. In 2019, Cole Sprouse did another interesting project called Five Feet Apart.

The movie is hilarious and sad at the same time. It gave us major The Fault in Our Stars vibes.

The movie is a must-watch this summer. This movie gained a lot of praise from people all around the world.

Two teens Stella and Will fall in love even though they both have the same illness.

The movie gained a lot of positive reviews. It made us cry.

KJ APA: Rising Star

KJ APA is the main character of the series Riverdale. He plays Archie in the series. The actor is charismatic and good at acting as well. There is no doubt that KJ APA will become a mega superstar in a few years.

He has a lot of projects lined up and has also done many projects as well.

All of them are good rated and gained a lot of love from the audience all around the world as well.

The Hate You Give: KJ APA

KJ APA also appeared in the movie the hate you give. The movie is based on the struggle of black teens.

The movie is highly praised. It has a good rating as well. KJ APA also appeared in the movie to play a role.

Starr Carter is forced to take an action when her childhood best friend is killed by white police.

It focuses on two topics, White police brutality, and racism. The movie is a good masterpiece.

Charles Melton: Riverdale proteges

Another Gem we found through Riverdale is Charles Melton. He appeared on Riverdale as well.

He became online sensation this year when he also appeared in the Music video of Ariana Grande’s “Break up with your girlfriend”

Sun Is Also A Star

The movie is a must-watch. we will give our reviews and thoughts in the next article. see you!

But before we go, the story is about a girl falling in love with a guy who just saved her life but with an ironic twist.

Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.

Aliza Fatyma
Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.