Riverdale Season 6: Archie and Betty Powers Explained

Riverdale Season 6: Archie and Betty Powers Explained

Riverdale is a teen-mystery drama that is currently airing on CW and Netflix. Riverdale Season 6 is currently ongoing. After a break, season 6 is back with weekly episodes. After introducing the concept of parallel earth, Riverdale has finally introduced superpowers. Five-episode event introduced super-natural stuff. Moreover, Kiernan Shipka also appeared as Sabrina in Riverdale. The creator of the show, Aguirre-Sacasa always wanted a Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Riverdale Crossover. It was supposed to happen in the next season of CAOS, but Netflix canceled the show. The five-episode event of Riverdale was titled Rivervale.

After the five-episode event, Riverdale picked up right after the bomb explosion. Betty and Archie survived but something changed in them. Betty can now see a glowing aura and Archie now has super strength.

Before Riverdale only dealt with serial killers and cult-like board games but now the show has introduced supernatural and superpowers. Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa referred to the powers as “Gifts”. He said in an interview:

When we talked about this, we really wanted the gifts to speak to who the characters were. And you know, Archie has over the seasons, proven to be quite indestructible. Mauled by a bear, survived, all these other things. And one of Archie’s hallmarks has always been how strong he is, and how formidable he is, and how fit and powerful he is. So that felt right. And canonically, with Betty, we’ve definitely established that Betty — in one episode, where she can look into a person’s eyes and see their true soul, and see if they’re serial killers or not, and this idea of reading auras came out of that. It felt like it was something we had played with our characters before. We tried to sort of excavate from their core, so that it didn’t come out of nowhere.

Riverdale Season 6: Archie and Betty Powers Explained

Who else got super-powers in Riverdale Season 6?

As of now, the latest episode only revealed that Archie and Betty got them. However, at the end of the episode, it was revealed Archie’s dog Bingo miraculously healed in a few days. What about Jughead? Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa revealed:

I will say that Jughead’s journey is just beginning, and it does seem like, unlike Archie and Betty, Jughead wasn’t granted a special ability. That said, he was a little further away from the nexus of the blast. So stay tuned and see what happens with Jughead. This is only the beginning of his journey, not the endpoint of his journey. 

Is Hiram Lodge Really Dead?

After finding out that Hiram Lodge was behind the bomb blast at Archie’s house. Veronica decided that Hiram requires a permanent solution. She hired a hitman to kill Hiram Lodge but she was conflicted and confused with her decision. However, the hitman finished the job. Is Hiram Really Dead?

Yes, Hiram certainly seems dead in Riverdale. When we talked about this story, it did feel like he was such a titanic presence in her life, but while the town banishing Hiram was such a big storyline in the finale, it didn’t feel that personal with Veronica. So we wanted a very personal, emotional, almost intimate story between her and Hiram and we felt like this is the best [way to do it]. We often said that they were engaged in a dance of death, and Veronica once was told that the only way this is going to end is with one of you dead. We realized that this is Veronica’s story. This is what she’ll be wrestling with, the shadows cast by Hiram not just in life, but even in death. So we’re going to see Veronica wrestling with the new status quo in her life, which is to say this absence of this giant presence. 

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