_I Still Believe_ is a real faith-based love story

Riverdale Star KJ Apa’s “I Still Believe” is a real faith-based love story

“I Still Believe” is based on a true story of Jeremy Camp, an American singer, and his journey of love and loss. Riverdale star KJ Apa played his life story in the movie. The film is based on his relationship with his first wife, Melissa Lynn Henning-Camp. She was diagnosed with cancer, and after a few months of their wedding, she died.

Jeremy Camp wrote “I still believe” after her death. The plot of the movie is similar to “The fault in our stars” but the difference is, this movie is based on a true story. Jeremy Thomas Camp was born in Lafayette, Indiana on January 12, 1978. Melissa and Camp got married on October 21, 2000, after she got diagnosed with cancer, camp wrote songs that reflected her health. Melissa died on February 5, 2001. Jeremy marries Adrienne on December 15th, 2003, they now have two daughters and one son.


Jeremy, played by KJ Apa, leaves Indiana to attend a college in Southern California. When he reaches there, he meets his idol, Jean-Luc. Jeremy asks for his support in learning Music. Jean then hires Jeremy to help him out in his college concerts to gain live experience. During a concert, Jeremy finds Melissa at the concert. After the concert, Jeremy introduces himself to Melissa which turns out a pretty awkward situation for him. Jeremy after few meetups asks Melissa out and they start dating behind Jean’s back. When Jean’s finds out about this, this turns pretty awkward for Melissa, she then breaks-up with Jeremy. One day, Melissa starts to feel pain in her stomach, she then gets admitted in a hospital, Jean calls Jeremy and asks him to come over here. Jeremy finds out that Melissa has cancer.

KJ Apa playing Jeremy camp in I Still Believe

 I just want you to know that whatever this is, and wherever this takes us, that I’m with you. Every step, every moment — I’m with you. I’m in. I’m so in. 

Jeremy Camp

After Jeremy finds out Melissa has cancer, he proposes her, and ask her to marry him. He starts taking Melissa out in his concerts and asks the audience to pray for her. A miracle happens, she goes into remission and they get married. But after some time, cancer returns and eventually dies fighting cancer.

Do you know the stars that shine the brightest? The ones with the shortest lives. 

Melissa Henning

Jeremy thinks about ending his music career but after breaking his guitar, he finds Melissa journal inside the guitar, in which she asks him to continue. He then sings “I still believe”. After the song, he then meets Adrienne.

If one person’s life is changed by what I go through, then it will all be worth it. 

Melissa Henning


Britt Robertson played Melissa, KJ Apa played Jeremy Camp. Melissa Roxburgh played Heathers, Nathan Parsons played Jean-luc. Gary Sinise played Tom Camp, Abigail Cowen played Adrienne Camp.

Release Date of “I Still Believe”

The movie was released on March 27th, 2020. It is available on Amazon.

How to Watch “I Still Believe” Online?

If you don’t have an amazon prime account, don’t worry use this link to watch it online.

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