Robert Pattinson’s New Role as Batman is threat to Marvel World.

If you still have not heard thew news, We would love to inform you with the news that DC has selected Robert Pattinson as the new Batman.

Ben Affleck is also behind the production of the highly anticipated movie of the 2021.

Internet is going crazy by this news and people are praising Robert Pattinson’s acting skill.

He played Edward Cullen in the famous move Twilight. He is known for playing mostly light-hearted roles in movies but things are about to be changed for the actor

You Might Not Have Heard Of The Movie Good Times

The movie was released in 2017 and it gained a lot of positive reviews from the fans. Many people changed their views about Robert’s acting after witnessing him in this role.

He is Dark, shady and Lean

We do not know about you but we are so ready to watch Robert Pattinson as the batman. He is dark, mysterious and shady. R.Pattison is really shy and keeps things to himself.

Robert barley gets involved in drama. Remember , his cheating scandal with Kristen Stewart? yikes. But the point is the actor is quiet and darkish like his own personality. He can play a role of dark and troubled Billionaire. Because no body can beat Robert Pattinson when it comes to class.

Robert has a lean figure and do not forget about his JAW.Yes we need a good looking Batman. But we also appreciate the looks of Ben Aflleck as well.

It can Beat The Avengers Endgame

YES, you may not agree with us but there is a huge amount of people who are waiting for this movie. DC is quite a failure when it comes to box office whereas Marvel is famous for banking millions and billions

The only highly rated movie they released in the past year was Wonder Woman. And fans believe that Robert Pattinson can gain a lot of audience with his acting skills

As we said goodbye to our favorite characters in Avengers Endgame. Many people are waiting for this movie.

But with the release of something like The Batman. Fans are going to be crazy and run back to the DC world. Marvel has a competition.

Some Of The Fans Reactions

Fan art vs Photoshop 🤣 #RobertPattinson #TheBatman— Little Mermaid (@v_mermaid91) June 28, 2019

The amazing fan art belongs to the real owner. @v_mermaid91

Every time I remember we’re gonna get a Batman movie from Matt Reeves with Robert Pattinson as Batman— Jeremy Horton (@LittleHooty) July 3, 2019

Heath Ledger is an example for us

Heath is a great inspiration for us in this matter. The “10 things i hate about you” star used to play light-hearted roles as well. But see how he turned out to be the best Joker we ever witnessed.

His acting skills were perfect and who knows Robert Pattinson will turn out the same ?

He left a legacy behind himself. Young artists still look out to him and get inspired. There is no doubt that nobody can ever replace the legacy created. We honor Ledger’s effort in making something purely legend.

Best of Luck Robert!

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