Ryan Gosling The Mummy

Ryan Gosling to be cast in new The Mummy film.

Ryan Gosling is going to appear in a reboot or remake of the Mummy. The Universal Studios tried to do the remake of the movie with Tom Cruise’ s The Mummy which miserably failed at the box office. Not only at the box office but movie critics didn’t like the movie as well. The movie critically criticized Tom Cruise’s acting skills as well.

But after Dracula untold became a flop as well after the first part they decided to make things different with more famous and skilled actors. There are also rumors that the might be casting Benedict Cumberbatch in the new remake and reboot of the new Dracula untold.

Universal Studios is failing to make their mark at the box office for years now. Marvel cinematics have produced and created some of the greatest hits of the last 5 years. It makes sense how others are also bringing their best in the market to compete with others as well.

Ryan Gosling in The Mummy

Universal Studios and The Mummy

They have decided to male a remake of the movie The Mummy which is a classic and most fans prefer Brendan Fraser’s They mummy released in 1999. It will be hard to replace the older world-famous version with a new version.


The newest release “Invisible Man” is taking over the cinemas and the internet these days. The universal studio is motivated enough to create better and bigger movie projects in the future to regain their reputation and power at the box office.

But The universal world has got a good name in the industry to play the main lead role in the upcoming reboot of the movie. Ryan Gosling is selected to play in the movie and there is no doubt he is a good pick

The actor is famous for starring in movies like The notebook, La la land, and crazy stupid love. He mostly does romantic movies so it is going to be interesting to see him in action. His acting skills are no doubt good.

But to compete with older versions they would need a good and strong plot to attract fans. They would need a strong strong storyline besides casting Ryan Gosling yo attract people to the cinemas.

There is not much about the movie yet. It seems like it would need a year or two to release as there is no official statement regarding the creation and release date of the movie. But we do know for sure Ryan Gosling is going to be the lead man in the upcoming Mummy movie and fans are glad.

Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.

Aliza Fatyma
Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.