The Sandman Season 2: Is Sadie Sink Going To Play Delirium?

The Sandman Season 2: Is Sadie Sink Going To Play Delirium?

Netflix’s hit comic book adaptation is coming back for season 2. The Netflix series proved to be a hit on the streaming platform and received mostly positive reviews from critics. More characters from the comics will appear in season 2. Most of The Endless made appearances in season 1. However, Delirium and Destiny were not present in season 1. But, according to Neil Gaiman, we will see them in the upcoming season.

Neil Gaiman revealed on Comic Con Brazil 2022 that we will be seeing the rest of The Endless;

We have more members of the Endless coming including the youngest member of the Endless. Don’t tell anybody, but it’s Delirium. There will be butterflies, there will be balloons, there will be magic, there will be chicken and telephone-flavored ice cream. It’s all coming for you.

Fans of the series have few candidates in mind that can play Delirium. Mason Alexander, who played Desire in season 1, got his role by tweeting Neil Gaiman. So, fans can help the creators to find the perfect delirium for the Netflix adaptation.

Who is Delirium?

Delirium, also known as Delight, is one of the Endless, a group of powerful, immortal beings that embody fundamental aspects of the universe in the “Sandman” graphic novel series and Netflix show. Delirium is the youngest of the Endless and was once a beautiful and poised young woman named Delight. However, later she became Delirium. Delirium is a powerful force and a valuable ally to Dream.

Is Sadie Sink Going To Play Delirium?

Fans have already started to daydream about the youngest Endless sibling character after we got to see a glimpse of her sigil in Desire’s gallery. Sadie Sink’s appearance resembles Delirium’s appearance perfectly as Delirium has red hair and her appearances change with her mood swings.

Sadie Sink is famous for playing “Max Mayfield” in Netflix’s Stranger Things and also received a lot of appreciation and 13 Emmy nominations for her portrayal. But sadly, the actress was snubbed and did not win any awards for her portrayal of Max Mayfield in season 4. The 20 years old actress seems like a perfect fit to portray the role of Delirium formerly known as Delight.

One of the fans also argued on Twitter why Sadie Sink is the perfect choice for the role.

“I keep circling around the idea of Sadie Sink in the role. It needs to be someone with serious acting chops but young enough to pull off Delirium’s childish innocence.” 

However, Neil Gaiman has not revealed anything about which actors he is going to cast for the upcoming season. Gaiman has plans for a spin-off show based on Johanna Constantine for Netflix. But, he has not revealed when it will be released or if Netflix is going to give the creators a greenlight. Is Sadie Sink going to play Delirium? We will find out once Netflix reveals the cast of The Sandman Season 2.

Neil Gaiman actively interacts with fans so there is a chance he might see the fan tweets and cast Sadie Sink or maybe the Stranger Things actress is already on his list too.

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