Samsung Galaxy Book Pro Specs, Price, and Release Date

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro Specs, Price, and Release Date

The South Korean conglomerate, Samsung, is one of the leading brands of today. Its headquarters are located in Samsung Town, Seoul but its products are present all around the world. As a result of worldwide availability and affordable price range, Samsung has easily made its mark in today’s world. It has a wide range of gadgets including mobile phones, televisions, and tablets, and every series target a different market segment as the prices vary according to the target segment. Currently, Samsung Galaxy Book Pro has become the talk of the town, so let us shed some light on its specifications and details.

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro Specs, Price, and Release Date

Specifications and Details

The Samsung Galaxy Book Pro is extraordinarily thin which gives it an exclusively stylish look. Along with the AMOLED screen, it has a remarkable number pad as well. The customers have an option to choose the color of their choice as it is available in navy blue, mystic Silver, and mystic pink gold color as well, so you can choose it according to your preference.

It has high security due to the unique software privacy. Some customers might feel that the absence of a 4k screen option is a big disadvantage in the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro. Also, the keyboard might seem uneasy to some of the customers. However, the fact that it is a 2-in-1 convertible laptop makes it stand out. In the ultraportable laptop category of Samsung, it is one of the most “Ultra” products.

At the launch of this laptop, Samsung announced it in the following words: “PC for mobile-first consumers, bringing together next-generation connectivity, ultra-portable design, and elevated performance.”  This proves that other than the fact that it is a portable device, Samsung has focused on its performance as well, so if the customers choose to go for this product, they won’t have to compromise on the quality due to its portability. If you are thinking to buy the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro, you can choose from the two available options as it comes in two sizes i.e. 13.3 inches and 15.6 inches.

The AKG speakers are also impressive as they have DOLBY atmos-support which makes enhances the sound quality. Along with these amazing speakers, it also has a 720 HD built-in camera with dual array mics. A fingerprint sensor is a part of Galaxy Book Pro as well which increases the security of this device. It has a 1920×1080 display size with stunning graphics. It has an 11th Generation Intel core processor. Enclosing all these qualities, it just weighs 3 pounds and you will be able to carry it anywhere easily.

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro Specs, Price, and Release Date

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro Release Date

According to Samsung’s announcement, customers can book their orders today and the shipping process will begin from 14th May 2021, which is not so far away anymore. Interestingly, Amazon has come up with an interesting offer, if you place your order through Amazon before 14th May, you will get $150 credit, so basically you are being paid by Amazon to place your order.


Now, you must be wondering about the price of the much-awaited Samsung Galaxy Book Pro. Its price will start from $999 whereas the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 will cost around $1,199.

The Galaxy Book Pro doesn’t just deliver on features, performance, and features – it delivers on its value as well. While many people are looking for high-performance laptops that cost a lot of money, Samsung has found a way to make a laptop that comes in affordable price ranges while still offering a ton of power. Samsung has managed to place a high-quality screen into a convenient-sized design, yet still provides all of the necessary capabilities to allow users to do everything they need to do on their portable computers. No matter what your needs are, from business professionals to entertainment enthusiasts, Samsung’s newest models offer a way to transform your home or office.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, a huge majority of people have started working from home. This portable 2-in-1 laptop will prove as a life-saver for people who are tired of carrying laptops everywhere. If you are planning to buy this laptop, it will become an essential part of your life as this high-end laptop is exactly what you are looking for during the pandemic.

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