Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Specifications Revealed

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Specifications Revealed

Samsung is a well-known brand in today’s world due to its high quality and reliability. The brand has been able to make its mark in the industry due to the constant innovativeness and frequent introduction of multiple models. Whether you have to decide on your new television, mobile phone, or tablet, Samsung is surely the first name that comes to your mind, and to create this brand loyalty, it has worked hard all these years. Samsung’s name was decided by Lee Byung-Chull and it meant ‘three stars’ as Lee believed that Samsung would become an ever-lasting brand, just like the stars present in the sky. Let us take a look at its recently launched product, Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Specifications Revealed

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Design and Specs

The newly introduced Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is all set to grab the customers’ attention due to its dust and water-resistant feature. It means that the users can use these buds pro without worrying about the dust in the atmosphere. The IPX7 durability makes it a well-design product as it protects the buds from water and dust. Another stunning feature is that it can be used for 8 hours, however, the customers can further extend the usage for up to 28 hours if the charging case is used with it. Moreover, it has a 2-way speaker that increases the sound quality for the users.

The much-discussed noise cancellation feature is present in the buds pro which will make sure that your audio is not impacted by the external noise, so the noise cancellation feature will allow you to enjoy a smooth listening experience. As you put on your buds pro, you will be free from all the worldly distractions instantly which is a huge plus point because many users face the issue of the background noise interacting with audios.

It has three powerful microphones along with a Bixby voice assistant. The previous versions of buds introduced by Samsung had IXP2 to act as a water-resistant feature, however, the buds pro are equipped with IPX7, which is much better than IPX2, to protect it from water. If we talk about the talk time, we need to understand that it offers its users a 4.5 hours talk time which is lower than the 8 hours talk time provided by Samsung Buds Live. If you use the buds pro along with its case, you will be able to enjoy a longer talk time of 15 hours. It has a playtime of 8 hours with earbuds and 28 hours with the case.

This shows that using it with its case is surely a better option, but if you want to use it during traveling or during some busy day, Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro will be there for you without its case as well. Another impressive feature is the presence of 3D audio which will allow the users to watch their videos as well. It has two modes, Ambient mode on the right side and ANC on the left side.

Price and Release Date

The unofficial price announced by various sources is $199 which is greater than the price of previous models, however, the additional features make it worth the price. Customers are now eagerly waiting to use the buds pro and the release date is not so far anymore. It will be released in January 2021.

As the product is all set to be launched in January, customers can easily consider it a new year present for them. Equipped with all the stunning features, it is believed that it will be one of the best buds launched by any brand.

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