Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 Specs Revealed

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 Specs Revealed

There are rumors swirling everywhere that the new Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 is about to be launched in the market. Soon, the successor Samsung Galaxy Chromebook will be out with extraordinary specs and that will be ultimately near to the price to pay for one. According to the rumored specs, the Chromebook will be with a 13.3-inch screen along the 10th-gen intel process. WHAT ELS? Yes, the intel process that will be equipped with “premium sound” and the battery life claimed for the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook is said to be more than 12 hours in between.

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 Specs Revealed

QLed Display

The most amazing thing about this new Samsung product is that it will be the first in the market with a QLED Display. The QLED display is a quantum dot panel technology that is being already used in high-end TVs. However, this is supposed to be extraordinary in its brightness as well as contrast.

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 Price

It has been said that the price range of this Chromebook will be $999 which is approximately AU$1,315. We should take this as the starting price and it can increase as the results were seen after launch after GOOGLE PIXELBOOK GO. The best quality of Samsung products is that they put in the best processors and designers to provide the best memory inside the system of all new Samsung products. Their marketing strategy is starting from low prices and making it appealing to all the budget shoppers present in the market. But there is also a premium Chromebook market present tentatively a small one in all other means.

It has also been remarked that the Galaxy Chromebook 2’s less expensive value puts it closer to genuine top of the line Chromebooks than to appropriate PCs from Apple and others. Trading to an alternate processor, and depending on a presentation it as of now hotspots for its different workstations, could help improve deals, particularly when joined with a lower value point.

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 Specs Revealed

Release Date

The expected release date according to rumors is February 2021.

Why Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2?

  • Galaxy Chromebook’s horrendous battery life plans upgrades.
  • Moreover, Google Play Services plans to synchronize Wi-Fi passwords among Android and Chrome OS.
  • Samsung Galaxy Chromebook audit roundup: Terrible battery destroys flawlessness.
  • ‘Everything’ button: That key that replaces Caps Lock on your Chromebook is present.

In the near future we will be having in our hands the two new frameworks, they’re really more pleasant than they sound, and absolutely better than the level plastic tops most Chromebooks have now, despite the fact that the sewing appears to be unnecessary. The 11-inch model comes in dark or white, while the 13-inch is a quieted dim.

The remainder of the body follows Samsung’s astounding Ativ Book 9 (neW Series 9) Windows workstations, and the two sizes are about 0.65 inches thick, with the 11-inch weighing 2.5 pounds and the 13-inch gauging 3 pounds.


It is powered by Samsung’s local Exynos 5 Octa chip, with a somewhat quicker form inside the 13-inch model. The two sizes get a knock to 4GB of RAM (versus the 2GB in virtually every other Chromebook). However installed capacity stays a meager 16GB. Surly excited to experience the specs of this Samsung Google Chromebook and the ultimate pleasure of the premium bog display screen.

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