Galaxy Z Fold 3

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Release Date, Price, and Design

Recently, Samsung has launched the Galaxy S21, and it has also made some breaking news for its upcoming new model. In other words, the users of Samsung now can look forward to more and interesting foldable devices. This year will be an exciting one, as the company has promised Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Galaxy Z flip 2. As it is expected that these two names will be used to call these upcoming products.

The new exclusive features are to be shared and pondered on and let’s share them here. There are rumors out saying the “lite” variant of this Galaxy Z fold is also under development but there is no news related to it.

Galaxy Z Fold 3

The Exclusive Features of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

It is said the next Galaxy Z Fold will be a handset with the model number SM-F926. The total storage capacity of this model is said to be 256gb. However, this foldable device will be utilized in Android 11 and news are also coming that it will come with One UI 3.3. That really is amazing and the internal storage makes up good storage capacity.

This means the presence of One UI 3.5 will take a little longer and this product will not be out in the market till half of this year. Worth waiting! Let me also tell you that this One UI 3.1 is the only feature of all the Galaxy S21 Series. It is also rumored that it will trickle down to the more compatible devices of Samsung. We can thus expect that it will be with some extravagant new software features. Many critics also say as Samsung has brought the series of iteration of One UI for the Galaxy Note lineup, it is assumed that the foldable are more appropriate if launched with the One UI feature.

Round-up for everything you need to hear:

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Release Date

It won’t be wrong naming this product to be an “unpacked event” of this year as the release date is yet a mystery. It was expected around the date of January same as the Galaxy Z fold 2 was launched, but yet it passed. As there was no release of any foldable device release at this time, we may get a hint that Galaxy Z Fold 3 will be along with the next model that comes around the second half of this year.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Price

It costs a hefty amount that is around $1,999 and it will ultimately make it one of the most expensive and costly phones yet out by Samsung. But again, the rumors are not to be trusted, and we never know the exact price for the Galaxy Z fold. As the company is bringing radical changes of direction to Samsung we can expect the prices to remain high.


Many are saying the design won’t be much different for the Galaxy Z fold 2. It is yet making improvement in its hinge and that will be with bolstering Durability. It may also increase its interior cover display. This will eliminate the notch that slightly expands to the interior panel around 7.6 inches. Ultimately, it is said that it will be approximately a 7-inch interior display. Moreover, it will have around a 4-inch exterior display. Those are definitely smaller than galaxy Z fold 2.  It will introduce a layer of ultra-thin glass and the flow-up model is adopted as it is thicker and makes it less fragile.

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