Scary Movies That Will Give You Goosebumps.

Scary Movies have been a source of ultimate entertainment for many people for ages. There is no denial in that. We can name many horror movies that will force you to think that this whole world is not that decent as it seems. Movies can also be triggering for some people no doubt in this but there are many people who like to watch this kind of stuff as well.

Name any horror movies from Saw to Jaw. These classics will force you to say these words with a cold shudder even the directors and actors told in interviews how troublesome their lives have been after doing these Horror Movies. Get ready and take a seat

Saw 2004

Saw is a gruesome and horror movie you will ever come across. If you can tolerate gore and killing and a lot of flesh then watch it.

The plot of this horror movie is strange and scary. Suddenly the characters find themselves in a strange room and there is no way you can escape from this. But they can if they start to follow the rules and instructions given to them. A strange man with a strange mask.

Between the plot, the masked person tells his true intention of why he captures people. The person seems to punish people for their bad deeds in life.

It has many sequels as well.

One guy is a photographer and the other is a doctor they both have done dome bad deeds in their lives.

But the masked evil will punish them well. Do not watch this movie if you are weak-hearted.

Jason VS Freddy: Worst Scary Movie

Jason Vs Freddy is one of the best gore and horror movie. The movie is a kind of warzone for both Freddy and Jason. Freddy is a cruel monster that haunts people in their dream and brutally kills them.

The movie has some disturbing visuals as well. This movie is one of the worst nightmares. Imagine two cruelest characters in one scary movie is something that is thrilling to watch and do not proceed if you get triggered easily. But proceed on your own behalf.

Natural Born Killers

it’s another classic thriller crime movie. It is based on a real-life event.

this is a story in which a young girl is involved with a guy who is 22 and his a killer. The odd thing in their relationship is that the girl is 14 years old. However, the plot is still disturbing for many people to this day.

But their relationship is so toxic is that the girl kills her own parents for the guy to be with a guy. That is definitely scary. The movie is so controversial that when they showed the Coca-cola software placed somewhere on the table. They sued them to blur or delete the scene from the movie.

Moreover, if you are into strange movies like that and you do not get triggered by these kind of movies then u should watch this.

Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.

Aliza Fatyma
Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.