Shadow Hunters Final Season, The final Shadowhunt.

The Shadow Hunters is one of the most-watched shows on Netflix. the fantasy thrilling series has won many hearts over the years. The show released on January 12, 2016, and has more than 6 ratings on Imbd.

If you have not watched the show yet, watching it now will be epic because the show is heading towards its end soon.

if you want to know why the show is canceled and is thrown towards it so soon ends then keep reading the article. Spoilers for season 2,3.

What will be the Plot of the Shadow hunters last Season?

as the show was canceled and they were going to leave the show without any end. The fans all around the world requested. They did their best to bring the end to the show. However, the shadow hunters were renewed for season 4. As the fans insisted that it should be back for another season. Read the plot points below.

The relationship between Alex and Mangus:

Alec ‘s and Mangus’s relationship raised a lot of eyebrows on the show as well. It was a huge moment for another kind of audience as well.

But the question is that what is going to happen more in their dramatic relationship. As being a shadow hunter is not an easy job on the show.

Mangus lost his magic and went through hell with Alec to get his Magic back. The journey to get back his power back was the highlight of the previous season. Now that both are married and living in Alicante.

Do fans want to know what is next in their relationship? Yes. They are so ready for a glimpse in their married life. The more important question are they both going to be parents? Is there going to be a kid? we doubt that they will briefly explain the matter but we can cross our fingers for a glimpse.

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Isabella and Simon’s relationship in Shadow hunters season 4

Simon and isabella’s relationship was another amazing factor of the show as well.

As the most famous couple of the show, they got married in season 3, but both of them are going to face a little tension as Simon is going to continue his training and Isabella has to move upward in the institution.

They are going to face the difficulties as both of them are going to struggle a lot as there is a difference in their relationship we hope that shadow hunters will cover this as well in the last season.

Clary and Jace’s relationship in Season 4 and new enemies.

Clary and Jace are the main leads of the show and fans adore both of them together as well.

but in the last season, Clary left the shadow world and angel stripped her of her powers and she forgot everything including Jace. It was truly heartbreaking.

But Jace the close eye on Clary even after he exists from the shadow world. even tho he cast a glamour clary still could see him and confronts him.

fans are waiting for the future of both of them.

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What the cast thinks about the Final Season.

All good things come to an end. It has been my privilege to be a part of this world. @Shadow hunters TV team has been so close to my heart for 3 years. You. The fans. Make us happy and strong and proud. Thank you. For everything. We say goodbye with a heavy heart but our heads…

— Dominic Sherwood (@DomSherwood1) June 5, 2018

Hail and farewell, Angels.. #Shadow huntersthefinalhunt@shadow hunters tv

— Katherine McNamara (@Kat_McNamara) June 5, 2018

Seems appropriate to repost this pic! Going to be super positive and say how much I enjoyed being part of the SH family this season! Love every single member of the crew and cast… and the fans….the fans are the best! 😘@Shadow hunters TV

— Brian Hui (@BriBriGuy23) June 5, 2018

Why the show is Canceled.

fans are still so confused about the show being canceled. it seems like something happened between Freeform and Netflix. The show faced issues as well and freeform decided that it is better if the show is canceled. But the die-hard fans did their best and the show has an ending now.

Reviews about the Shadow hunters which can help the future audience:

Rotten Tomatoes:

Shadow hunters boasts visual thrills and a potential-rich premise, but they’re not enough to overcome the show’s self-serious silliness and dull, convoluted plots.

Common sense media:

A paranormal romance heavy on style, light on substance.

Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.

Aliza Fatyma
Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.