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She-Hulk Marvel Series, Everything you need to know

She-Hulk is a new series by Marvel. Disney studios are going to bring the idea to small screens. Well, people have equally rooted if this was a movie.

The iconic female version of another iconic role. Marvel had this plan for a while now. It is a little disappointment that the idea is not for the big screen. But, fans are excited about the adaption. The series is going to be filled with epic thrill and fun.

The amazing fact is that they still have not cast anyone as she-hulk. They are still looking for the perfect face and personality. However, there have been many rumors online and people are debating.

There is not much information on She-Hulk for now. MCU Phase 4 has got people booked. But, we believe that the series will be out near 2020.

You will see many suggestions on the internet for the perfect She-Hulk from Jessica Biel to even singer Lana Del Rey. But in the end, it is a director call so we never know.

The History behind She-Hulk:

Many people might not know this concept of a female Hulk. However, do not worry we have got you covered.

Jennifer Walter is a cousin of the Hulk Bruce Banner. Walter got the power of his cousin when she received a blood transfusion from her cousin. She was involved in a fatal accident.


Now Jennifer Walters has the power of his cousin but due to she got a small amount of blood. The toxicity level is less in her blood. This proves that she has powers Hulk but less problematic as compared to her cousin.

The female hulk can control her anger and so does her transformation as compared to her grumpy and moody cousin.

Is she better than the Wonder Woman?

When it comes to Wonder Woman DC gives hard competition to Marvel. Wonder Woman has been a fan favorite female hero character. So, Jennifer Walter can give a tough competition to the Wonder Woman concept? Well, it is a quite difficult question to answer. Considering the fact that wonder woman is a big-screen flick.

Jennifer Walter’s previous hero love interests:

Now let’s talk about the background and a little something about the love history. The character has dated many superheroes names. But the one that got our attention the most is Tony Stark. Yes, Tony Stark is the guy she also dated in Comics. So, is there a chance Tony Stark can come back to the cinematic world again?

It is a stretch but fans’ right to believe in anything. Is there a chance of any possible superhero returning?

Details about the She-Hulk series:

Like we mentioned before, the details were given out at D23. So, we do not know. much about the upcoming series. Whether it is going to be on TV or Netflix.

She Hulk

But, we also do not know if they have their perfect candidate. But we will keep you updated with the details. We will keep you updated with our next article about She-Hulk.

Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.

Aliza Fatyma
Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.