Should you spare or kill Ron Hope in Starfield?

Starfield, an eagerly anticipated expansive realm of role-playing adventure, emerges as the brainchild of Bethesda Game Studios and the brainchild of Bethesda Softworks. The grand unveiling of this gaming masterpiece is set to grace our screens on September 6, 2023, primed for a release on the Microsoft Windows platform as well as the esteemed Xbox Series X/S.

Just recently, the curtain was lifted on the early access phase of Starfield, but only those who have invested in the digital premium edition are privy to its celestial wonders. Within the boundless expanse of Starfield, the life of a cosmic voyager teems with a medley of challenges and untapped prospects. Just like any other game, you face challenges and choices that will impact the game. One such dilemma arises when encountering Ron Hope during the mission “The Hammer Falls.” In this blog post, we will explore whether Should you spare or kill Ron Hope in Starfield The Hammer Falls mission.

Should you spare or kill Ron Hope in Starfield?

Should you spare or kill Ron Hope in Starfield?

Before diving into this pivotal decision, let’s get acquainted with Ron Hope, the character at the center of this choice. Ron Hope has earned quite a reputation for himself in the game, and not a particularly favorable one. He’s been accused of exploiting farmers for his own profit, leaving a trail of ruined lives in his wake.

In the game “Starfield,” you face a choice regarding Ron Hope in “The Hammer Falls” quest. The decision to spare or kill Ron Hope will impact the game.

Spare Ron Hope

Opting to spare Ron Hope showcases a level of mercy and compassion. It’s a choice that reflects a willingness to give individuals a second chance, even those with a tarnished past. However, this decision may not sit well with your companions, as Ron Hope is far from being a virtuous character. In exchange for his life, Ron Hope offers a substantial bribe of 20,000 credits. It’s a tempting offer, but is it worth the moral compromise?

Kill Ron Hope

On the flip side, choosing to end Ron Hope’s criminal activities by taking his life is a decidedly more ruthless approach. This decision can lead to a hostile situation, as Ron Hope is not alone; he has a contingent of guards ready to defend him. Players opting for this path should be well-prepared for a potentially intense confrontation.

What choice should you make in the game?

The choice to spare or kill Ron Hope in Starfield ultimately boils down to the player’s values and the type of character they wish to embody in the game. Are you a mercenary, motivated solely by credits and personal gain, or are you a principled spacefarer, striving to make morally sound decisions even in the depths of the cosmos?

Should you spare or kill Ron Hope in Starfield?

Final Words

“The Hammer Falls” presents players with a profound ethical dilemma, encapsulating the complex decision-making that defines Starfield. Sparing Ron Hope may bring a significant financial reward, but at the cost of compromising your moral principles. Conversely, choosing to eliminate him may maintain your integrity but potentially lead to hostile confrontations.

Ultimately, the choice is yours to make, and it’s one of the many aspects that contribute to the rich storytelling and immersive gameplay experience of Starfield. So, should you spare or kill Ron Hope? The answer lies within your own sense of justice and the kind of interstellar explorer you aspire to be in the vast reaches of this captivating game.

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