Sierra Burgess should Be Deleted From Netflix.

Sierra burgess hit the cinema in 2018 on Netflix. It had Sharon Parker and Noah Centineo. This received many criticisms from fans all around the world.

It got fans confused and angered as well. The movie lot has a character like Sierra. She is overweight. But she is not insecure and in depression.

Sierra ‘s Alarming Behavior in Sierra Burgess

Sierra is a hard-working student. She is optimistic and every day when she wakes up. She chants a mantra that she is perfect. This behavior is quite alarming. Her parents are also successful. They advise her to be positive. But things become quite fishy and shady. Because she is overconfident and extra positive for someone who is a teenager. Sierra is too much into perfection and success. That she is ignoring the point of Grief and sadness. Yes, it is okay sometimes to feel sorry for yourself.

Sierra Burgess is a loser biggest problems

This kind of behavior bottle up your emotion and someday you explode like a volcano. This is not the right behavior for teenagers.

But with Sierra, she does not feel sorry for herself. This is wrong.

Catfishing and Manipulating in Sierra Burgess

Another special trait about Sierra is she is manipulative. She preys on people’s weaknesses. She plays with Jamey and Veronica’s emotions.

She plays both Jamey and Veronica. She tricks her into friendship with her. Then she uses her to get to Jamey.

In the movie, it seems like Sierra feels sorry for Veronica. Even though they tried best to portray this. But we still feel fishy about this. This is not something that happens in reality.

She uses Veronica in order to make a jamey fool that he is talking with Veronica. But in reality, Sierra is the one who is talking with Jamey.

This is catfishing behavior. Even tho Sierra’s best friend tries to stop her. But Sierra is way into her plan.

They even trick Jamey into being intimate with Sierra. He thinks he kissed Veronica bit it was Sierra.

Janet is a good guy, in the end, he was forced to choose Sierra because he cannot be the Jerk. Sick.

Disrespect of the Deaf community.

Sierra also disrespects deaf people in the film. It is sick. When her best friend forces her to talk with Jamey. She immediately acts like she is deaf and dumb. So Jamey would not catch her.

She also try to do Sign language. This is so sick.

Away from reality

Sorry but sierra burgess is a loser is away from reality. Nobody falls for someone like that. It is wrong they are giving wring hope to teenagers. They are forcing catfish people into liking you?

This is so sick and we are grossed. Netflix should not have something like this under their name.

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Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.

Aliza Fatyma
Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.