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Smoking Microsoft Xbox Series X Debunked

Developed by Microsoft, Xbox is a well-known gaming console that every gamer is fond of. Whether we talk about the graphics, memory bandwidth, or internal storage, everything about Xbox is commendable. The Xbox Series X initially named Project Scarlett, was announced in 2018. This console is famous as it is able to play 4k Resolution games for its users. Moreover, it has an 8-core, 3.8 GHz, and Zen 2 processor. Some main games available for Xbox users are Halo Infinite, Hell blade 2, and previous games that were available for Xbox users. The gamers can put in vertical as well as a horizontal position as per their choice and convenience. The memory of Xbox Series X is 16GB of GDDR6 which makes it a powerful product.

Smoking Microsoft Xbox Series X Debunked

Smoking Microsoft Xbox Series X Video

On November 10th, Microsoft Xbox Series X was released worldwide. Yesterday, soon after the release a video on Twitter went viral, the guy was claiming that Xbox is smoking hot. In the video, we could see the “smoke” coming out from the top vent of Series X. However, it was later revealed to be fake news and people were doing it on purpose just for the sake of memes. Tom Warren, Senior Editor at The Verge Tweeted the method, how these internet con artists were producing smoke.

A non-official Twitter page “Xbox Studio” also debunked it to be the fake news.

I would let you know to all English community because I saw some of English audience not clear with my video, the video is trying to EXPLAIN how videos of “Xbox on fire” are FAKE and how with a VAPOR you can make like is on fire even if is “OFF” I’m not trying to say

Today, even the official Twitter account of Microsoft Xbox posted about this:

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