How to Stop Snapchat My AI Chatbot from Accessing Your Location

Does Snapchat AI Chatbot have access to my Location? Answered!

Snapchat My AI Chatbot is kind of strange… if you want me to be honest here. It gives you a quick answer because the Ai chatbot is reading your text messages as you are trying. Furthermore, recently some users pointed out that it has complete access to your location as well without your genuine up-front permission. Is it true? Well, here in our guide to “Does Snapchat AI Chatbot have access to my location” we are going to answer this.

What’s up with the Snapchat My Ai Bot?

Well, there are a ton of things wrong with the bot. It has too much knowledge that messes with the privacy of people. It reads your text, doesn’t let you remove it without having Snapchat+, and even has your location.

So, all of these things combined make you question everything about your privacy on Snapchat.

Snapchat AI Chatbot has your location!

Yes, you heard that right, loud and clear. Snapchat My Ai has your Location and in return, it can send you the snaps, talk with you, check out where you are from, and respond accordingly.

In order to shut it down, you can just uninstall Snapchat or get Snapchat+ and remove the Bot from your Feed.


Things are going out of hand with Social Media platforms. Elon Musk kind of saved Twitter, but Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and others are going wild. They can’t handle AI or it’s just that we are getting work. The Snapchat My Ai even has your location, which makes things quite clear.

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