[Solved] Baldur's Gate 3 BG3 Inventory Won't Sort

[Solved] Baldur’s Gate 3 BG3 Inventory Won’t Sort

Baldur’s Gate 3 is an immersive role-playing game that has captivated players with its intricate storyline and engaging gameplay. However, like any other game, it is not without its flaws. One such issue that has been plaguing players is the inability to sort their inventory effectively. This can be frustrating, especially during combat encounters when you need to quickly find and equip the right items. In this guide, we will explore various workarounds to help you solve the Baldur’s Gate 3 inventory sorting issue.

What is BG3 Inventory Won’t Sort Bug

The inventory sorting bug in Baldur’s Gate 3 prevents players from organizing their items efficiently. This bug hampers gameplay by causing delays in finding the desired items, leading to longer combat encounters. While there is no definitive fix for this issue yet, there are several potential workarounds that you can try.

[Solved] Baldur's Gate 3 BG3 Inventory Won't Sort

Reddit WorkAround BG3 Inventory Won’t Sort Bug

A workaround shared by a Reddit user involves knocking down the bugged character and then promptly saving the game. To do this, press F5 to save the game while the character is unconscious. After saving, launch the last saved game and “help” the character by reviving them using a scroll or visiting Withers. Open the inventory and check if the inventory sorting issue persists.

Use the Auto-Sort Button

Click the Auto-sort button next to the search bar. This button allows you to automatically sort your inventory by different criteria, such as weight, type, value, and more.

Steam Community Workaround BG3 Inventory Won’t Sort Bug

One workaround that has been suggested by players on Steam community is to put gold in a character’s first inventory slot. This seemingly odd solution has proven to be effective for some players. By placing gold in the first slot, it somehow resolves the inventory sorting bug. Give this workaround a try and see if it helps in fixing the issue.

[Solved] Baldur's Gate 3 BG3 Inventory Won't Sort

Final Words

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a famous game and about 225-300k players play it daily. Game Developers are actively working on fixing all the bugs in the game. You can wait for the patch that will have a hotfix for this issue or follow the steps mentioned above to fix this issue.

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