[Solved] BG3 Yenna Missing From Camp

[Solved] BG3 Yenna Missing From Camp

Yenna is an NPC found in Baldur’s Gate 3. She is a young girl who needs help and eventually, you can let her stay in camp and she will cook for you. You can help her in several other ways too like giving her money or food etc. Some players let her stay in camp and found out later that she disappeared. While it is linked to the storyline of BG3 some players thought it was a bug. In this article, we will explain Why BG3 Yenna is Missing From The Camp.

BG3 Yenna Missing From Camp

How To Fix BG3 Yenna Missing From Camp

Yenna, a powerful elven mage located in the Druid Grove within the Misty Forest in Baldur’s Gate 3, might mysteriously vanish due to events connected to Orin.

  1. Kidnap Yenna: Allowing Orin to kidnap Yenna can ensure her eventual return to the camp.
  2. Defeat Orin: Once Orin has abducted Yenna, defeating him increases the likelihood of her reappearing in the game.
  3. Bug Concerns: Despite following the kidnapping sequence, some players may encounter bugs preventing Yenna’s return, contributing to her absence in subsequent gameplay.

Final Words

Experiencing Yenna’s disappearance can be frustrating, but by trying these simple steps—allowing her to be kidnapped, and progressing through the story—you can troubleshoot and bring Yenna back to your camp in Baldur’s Gate 3. Don’t let her absence halt your adventure. Apply these solutions and continue your journey through the game smoothly!

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