[Solved] The Invincible: Can't Press Play Button on Steam (Grayed Out, Not Working)

[Solved] Can’t Download The Invincible on Steam

The Invincible, based on a hard-core science fiction novel by the same name, is around a character named Yasna, who went to outer space to find her crew. While she is at it, there is an anonymous threat that stops her from proceeding onward. Developed by Starward Industries, the game is a work of art and has various endings to enjoy, based on the pathway you choose.

One of the first steps of starting off with the game is downloading the files on Steam. But, due to a missed step, players can’t download The Invincible on Steam, and we are here to help you fix that. Let’s get started.

Can't Download The Invincible on Steam

Why can’t you download The Invincible?

There are various reasons behind The Invincible Not Downloading. It is mostly due to the delay in the game, as it takes a few minutes to hours, just to upload the game files on the servers, where players can download the game.

Then again, it could just be the Steam Launcher, as it doesn’t show the game immediately. You have to close and start it again to get the download option available.

How to Fix Can’t Download The Invincible on Steam

The game is set to release on 6th November 2023. So, till then, you can’t play it. If the game is made available to the public, and still you can’t download The Invincible on Steam, you have to simply close Steam properly through the Task Manager on Windows, and then start the Steam Launcher again.

Sometimes, the simple restart doesn’t work to make the game Download Available. You have to properly close the Steam Launcher and then start it again to download the game files.

This is an issue from the side of Steam that doesn’t let the game be available to the public until they restart their Steam Launcher. It happens in the preload, the beta, and even the early access of the game.

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