[Solved] Marvel Spider-Man 2 PS5 Error CE-108262-9

[Solved] Marvel Spider-Man 2 PS5 Error CE-108262-9

Swinging through the bustling streets of New York City has always been a core element of the Spider-Man gaming experience. With the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 on the PS5, fans are now once again enjoying the opportunity to swing in the city of New York with not one but two Spider-Men. 

But, just like in the superhero world, glitches and errors can be lurking around the corner. One of these errors is the CE-108262-9 error, which can interrupt your gameplay. Let’s explore how to address this issue and get back to saving the day in New York City.

Before we jump into solutions, let’s decipher the CE-108262-9 error. This error typically occurs when there’s difficulty reading the system software or application data on your PS5. It can be frustrating, but fear not; we have some steps to help you overcome it.

[Solved] Marvel Spider-Man 2 PS5 Error CE-108262-9

How To Fix Marvel Spider-Man 2 PS5 Error CE-108262-9

Update Your Game and Console

Begin by ensuring your game and PS5 system software are up to date. Navigate to the ‘System Software Update’ section in your PS5 settings and check for updates. Outdated software can often trigger this error, so keeping everything current is essential.

Reboot Your Console

  • On your PS5, press and hold the power button.
  • When the power options menu appears, select “Restart.”
  • This simple reboot can often resolve temporary glitches or issues that might be causing the CE-108262-9 error.

Uninstall and Reinstall Marvel Spider-Man 2

  • Access your PS5’s ‘Home’ screen.
  • Navigate to ‘Games,’ and then select ‘Library.’
  • Locate Marvel Spider-Man 2 in your game library.
  • Press the ‘Options’ button on your controller and choose ‘Delete.’
  • Confirm the deletion, then return to the ‘Library.’
  • Re-download and install Marvel Spider-Man 2.
  • This step helps remove any corrupted game files that might be contributing to the error.

Rebuild the Database

  • To rebuild the database on your PS5, you need to start in Safe Mode.
  • Turn off your PS5 completely.
  • Press and hold the power button for about seven seconds until you hear a second beep.
  • Connect your controller via USB cable and press the PlayStation button.
  • In Safe Mode, select “Option 5: Rebuild Database.”
  • This process may take some time as it reorganizes your data. It won’t delete your game files or save data.
  • After the rebuild is complete, select “Restart PS5.”

If the error persists despite following these steps, consider reaching out to Sony Support for further assistance and guidance.

[Solved] Marvel Spider-Man 2 PS5 Error CE-108262-9

By following these steps, you should be able to tackle and overcome the CE-108262-9 error and continue your heroic adventures in Marvel Spider-Man 2. Keep your software and hardware in good shape, and remember that even superheroes face challenges – it’s how you tackle them that makes you a true gaming hero. Get back into the game and swing through the streets of New York, glitch-free!

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