Ester Expósito's Someone Has To Die New Netflix Mini-Series

Ester Expósito’s Someone Has To Die New Netflix Mini-Series

Manolo Caro is going to be back on Netflix with another hit. He is best known for his The House of Flowers. However, Manolo Caro is back again with another Spanish TV show. The show is going to be released in October. However, the show has a thrilling plot. There is not much revealed about the show yet. But, fans have high expectations from the show. There are many hit Spanish shows on Netflix. Spanish series has been taking over Netflix for a while now. Netflix is a huge platform and that is Manolo Caro is excited about his other new masterpiece. Someone Has To Die is written by Monika Revilla and Manolo Caro. The show is produced by Rafael Ley, Maria Jose Cordova, Carlos Taibo, and Manolo Caro.

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Manolo Caro always creates something new for his fans. However, Netflix is a huge platform, and Netflix originals get a lot of attention. That is why Manolo is confident that his upcoming project will receive a lot of love like other Spanish projects at Netflix.

He said this during a interview;

“Being able to create universal content and do it with the greatest creative freedom are two compelling reasons to take this journey with Netflix. Over the next four years I have committed to telling stories in different languages and from different frontiers, but always speaking honestly about issues that are important to me. I thank the team at Netflix for having trusted me and Noc Noc Cinema to face this new challenge, which I define as a unique and invaluable opportunity at a key moment where constant changes are happening in the entertainment industry.”

Someone Has To Die Plot

The show is based on a dysfunctional Mexican family. they invite their son along with his fiance. But, they get a huge shock when their son comes back with a guy rather than a woman. The guy is a mysterious ballet dancer. The show is actually set in the 1950s. However, as the Government would try to interfere in their personal matter. Someone would have to die.

There is not much about the plot of the show yet. We will know once the show is released on October 16.

Someone Has To Die New Netflix Mini-Series

Release date

The series is all set to be released on 16 October 2020 on netflix.

How many seasons Someone Has To Die will have?

The show will have three parts. Netflix is mostly known for continuing the highly watched shows for at least five seasons. Riverdale and Money Heist are prime examples. So, we can expect that at least we will get three seasons of the show.

Netflix president of international spain and latin America said thsi about Manolo Carlo’s upcoming show in a interview;

The incredible talent that Manolo Caro has for relevant, unique, and personal stories makes him one of the most exciting and playful voices of his generation. His creative vision transforms his work into mosaics of cultural and social richness that travel beyond the borders of Mexico, as seen in the success of The House of Flowers, which charmed audiences from Mexico City to the Netherlands,” 


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