Sonic the Hedgehog Beats Birds of Prey

Sonic the Hedgehog number one, Birds Of Prey Box Office flop

Sonic the Hedgehog and Birds of Prey are in cinema these days. Sonic the Hedgehog released recently. However, it was scheduled to be released earlier but after some minor faults, they decided to wait for a while. But the film is in cinemas. The movie is based on the famous Sega game of the same name.

Not only the concept is a big attraction for the fans of all the ages. But Jim Carrey also returned to the big screens through this film. Robotnik is the villain of the movie. James Marsden is the human character who helped sonic hedgehog survive the evil Robotnik’s attacks and his evil plans.

Sonic the Hedgehog Box Office Hit

However, the movie is doing great at the box office. It gained 21 million dollars in the first week of its opening.

It was more than the birds of prey. There are many movies released this week. The photograph earned 6 million dollars total at the box office. People had big expectations from Margot Robbie ‘s birds of prey. It is not that the movie is still in the cinemas and things can change.

Sonic the Hedgehog Box Office Hit

It might be a good start for the Sonic the Hedgehog but it for birds of prey is having a difficult time at the box office now. However, the fans noticed that and there have been many hashtags on the internet in order to support it.

Birds of Prey is a fail

Birds Of Prey is a solo Harley Quin movie. The movie is based on the character of Harley Quinn we got to see in suicide squad.

The movie only earned 48 million dollars Internationally. The total box office earning of the movie Internationally and domestically is 86 million dollars.

Birds of prey Harley quinn

The budget for the movie was 90 million dollars. Sonic the hedgehog is doing good than other movies released at the box office.

Sonic the hedgehog is expected to gain more than 21 million dollars at the box office. It might be the highest-grossing movie based on a video game this year.

In 2018, Detective Pikachu was the highest-grossing film based on a video game. The movie earned 53 million dollars in the opening weekend. Now critics are expecting this kind of success from this movie as well.

1.Sonic the Hedgehog$21,000,000$21,000,000
2.Birds of Prey$6,350,000$48,508,302
3.The Photograph$6,280,000$6,280,000
4.Fantasy Island$5,400,000$5,400,000
5.Bad Boys For Life$4,030,000$174,052,306

This is the table indicating the sales of the movies this week at the box office.

Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.

Aliza Fatyma
Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.