Sony PlayStation 5 Latest Restock Update in US and UK

Sony PlayStation 5 New Restock Update in US and UK

Due to the popularity and huge customer base, it has become impossible for all the potential customers of PlayStation 5 to buy one. As soon as PlayStation 5 was introduced in the market, it created a huge buzz in the market as all the PlayStation users went to buy the latest model of their favorite gaming console. The markets were soon flooded with the PlayStation’s loyal customers along with some new ones who were all set to buy this model to experience the impressive features which were introduced in it. As a result of all this zeal and enthusiasm, PlayStation 5 soon got out of stock. Fortunately, many stores are now revealing that it is back in stock and we will disclose the details of the stock updates in this article.

The price of the recently launched PlayStation 5 is $399 and as we are well-aware of its stunning features now, this price seems justified to its loyal users and as well as potential customers. Although it is $100 expensive than its competitor, Xbox, the features are different and somewhat better too.

Sony PlayStation 5 Latest Restock Update in US and UK

PlayStation 5 Restock Update

The new Sony PlayStation 5 has been out of stock for more than three months now. People are still finding it difficult to get a hold of the new console since the demand is high and stock is low in every outlet. On 3rd December 2020, Amazon revealed that it has PlayStation 5 back in stock, however, the customers stated that it soon got out of stock again. Stores that announced that they had restocked PlayStation 5 consisted of Argos, GAME, and Very in the UK. Moments later, they ran out of stock as well.

GAME has stated on its website that the customers can pre-order for their console and it will be delivered to them in February. This gives brownie points to GAME as pre-booking sorts out multiple issues of the customers. According to Smyths, they have run out of stock as well and the customers can expect the next batch to release in February 2021 as the stock of January has already been bought by the excited customers. According to TechRadar:

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