Where to Buy PS5? PlayStation 5 Restock Coming

Where to Buy PS5? PlayStation 5 Restock Coming

A famous video game console, PlayStation, is famous amongst gamers as it provides them with an exciting gaming experience because of its amazing framerate and high-quality graphics. PlayStation is owned by Sony, thus, the users were able to trust it initially. Now that numerous models of PlayStations have been released, PlayStation has become a trademark in the gaming console industry. Five PlayStations models have been launched by Sony and each one of them has been equally successful. With the recent launch of PlayStation 5, the customers are eagerly waiting to buy it, so we are here to update you with the recent stock situation.

Sony PlayStation 5 New Stock Updates in US and UK

The current stock update:


At GAME, customers were told that the store had run out of stock as the stock was bought as soon as it was launched in the market. However, some lucky customers were able to purchase through the website by refreshing it and ordering as soon as the product was back in stock. Another benefit for the customers is its online ordering service. GAME has stated on its website that the customers can pre-order for their console and it will be delivered to them in February. This gives brownie points to GAME as pre-booking sorts out multiple issues of the customers. Therefore, now the customers can stand in the “online queue” to place their orders to avoid inconvenience later on.


According to Smyths, they have run out of stock as well and the customers can expect the next batch to release in February 2021 as the stock of January has already been bought by the excited customers. The first batch was released on 15th January and the customers bought it very quickly. The exact date of the restock has not been stated by Smyths, therefore, it can be any time during February, so the customers are expected to be on their toes as you never know how quickly Smyths can run out of stock again.


Amazon is a well-known website but still, it is unable to provide the customers with a restock as the popularity and craze of PlayStation 5 have made it impossible for any store to stock it for a longer period of time. So, the customers who were waiting for Amazon to restock will have to wait for some time as the website itself claims that they are not sure when the restock will take place.

Curry’s PC world:

Curry’s received its stock on 20th January 2021, however, Curry’s website now states: “The new PS5 has now sold out. We are working tirelessly to secure more stock. Please continue to check this page for more updates.” This shows the craze and enthusiasm that exists amongst the PlayStation 5 users now. Although the stock was received today, PlayStations are out of stock again.


If you are thinking to buy your favorite gaming console from Argos, we would like to inform you that Argos’ website states that PlayStation 5 is currently out of stock. Although the website had a discount and was selling the console for 449 pounds, it is currently unavailable.

After taking a look at the stock situation of all the famous PlayStation retailers, we have realized that the craze of PlayStation 5 is limitless as a result of which the majority of the stores have run out of stock. If you are eager to buy the PlayStation 5, the best option is to pre-order for your console on the websites as it will save you from the last minute hassle and disappointment of seeing the “out of stock” message from the stores.

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