Spider-Man 2: Missions and Crimes Disappearing

Spider-Man 2: Missions and Crimes Disappearing

In the massive world of Spider-Man 2, you need to tackle the bugs and glitches alongside your enemies. One of those bugs is where Missions and Crimes are Disappearing. Due to this very reason, you can’t progress properly in the game. Restarting, and loading an older save will result in the same loop, over and over again. So, let’s talk about this in detail below.

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Spider-Man 2: Enemies and Criminals Stuck in Walls

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Why are Crimes Disappearing in Spider-Man 2?

For the most part, this is an in-game bug that allows the criminals in the crime scene to disappear suddenly when you reach them, at the very last time.

As to why this happens, the game is bugged out, and it is a server-end problem caused by the game’s development. It can be fixed by a patch from the developers, and you will have to download that patch in order to fix the issue.

How to Fix Spider-Man 2 Missions and Crimes Disappearing?

You can fix Spider-Man 2 Missions and Crimes Disappearing by making a Manual Save Game and loading that Save after quitting from the spot. When you are stuck with this bug and can’t progress in Spider-Man 2, you will be able to simply make a Manual Save, bypassing the previous save.

Reload that game save, and then carry on the mission onwards. If you get stuck again, we recommend you do some other mission by aborting this crime and coming back to this mission after a while.

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