Spider-Man: Far From Home Explained

We find our hero Spider-Man in Far From Home wrestling with feelings of insecurity about his role in the world of superheroes and how he could possibly live up to Tony Stark’s legacy.

Warning Spoilers ahead for Spider-Man Far From Home

First Meeting

Starting of Spider-Man Far From Home

The movie starts with an emotional tribute video of Iron Man, Captain America and other superheroes who died.

Far From Home revolves around the plan of Peter Parker a.k.a Spider-Man how he is going to propose MJ on his school trip to Europe.

But who could have thought someone special is waiting for him in Europe? Well, it was expected as he was dozing Nick Fury’s calls.

On encountering Nick Fury, Peter meets another superhero who turns out to be the end guy in the end which was the main twist.

Quentin Beck a.k.a Mysterio was already working for Nick Fury but also he was plotting his biggest plan.

We got to see some similar things which Iron-Man did, messing things up. Like when Iron-Man messed up when he created Ultron.

Same way Spider-Man messed up by trusting beck with the multi-billionaire tech glasses which had access to every stark protocol system.

We got to see some funny moments, like how spider man uses a broken car door and uses it like how cap used thor’s hammer and his shield.

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Night Monkey Dress(Spider Man)

Plot Holes in Far From Home?

There were many plot holes also in the movie, like why would Nick Fury only call a 16-year-old superhero?

They only name called three other superheroes when there are so many avengers out there.

Fury doesn’t even help Spider-Man in the fight with Mysterio.

Official Trailer

Post Credit Scene.

Spider-Man Far From Home Post credit scene gave us all chills and goosebumps.

Everything was great. MJ and Peter are together now, but what happens then?

Mysterio did plot ahead, he recorded a video before dying that it was all Spider-Man doing and he killed him, and he even revealed Spider Man’s true identity.

IMDB: Spider Man Far From Home(2019)

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