MCU Spiderman Leaving again

Spider-Man is leaving MCU again.

Spider-Man is leaving MCU for sire but they have made a deal according to which Spider-Man will leave MCU after 2 movies. It makes a lot of sense. However, there is going to be another solo Spider-man movie and also a Marvel project which is not revealed yet.

But, even though there is a conflict going between Sony and Disney. It seems like even after the negotiations things are not okay still.

What to expect from Spider-Man Part 3

It is a quite difficult question. We do not know yet what they are planning for the big movie yet. As it is going to be the last installment of Spiderman with Disney. It is not known yet what is Sony going to do with spiderman. However, before the end of the contract, we need t see some good and thrilling stuff.

Spider-Man MCU Hero confused what disney is doing with me

As the spider-man came out with his identity in the recent part. We need to see what the third installment will bring.

Which MCU movie is going to get a cameo?

There is one marvel movie that is going to have a collaboration with Spider-Man. Many people think that Doctor Strange 2 is going to get Spider-man but there are many people who think that Venom 2 will have a cameo by Spider-Man. It also makes sense as back in 2007 Spider-man 3 had Venom in it.

However, the poor plot line and introducing Venom at the wrong time was the reason why people hated the movie. They also tried to replace Marry jane or introduce a character equivalent to Marry jane in the movie. The whole concept of Gwen Stacy was a bore and annoying.

They should have saved the concept of Venom for a spider-man 4 which never got the chance because of the bad reviews by the critics.

Sandman was enough for the movie but they went ahead and messed up the movie by introducing Venom.

However, now that Spider-man is returning back to Sony it is up to them what they will do with the Spider-Man world.

But, it clearly depends upon the Marvel right now how they are going to create the third installment for which fans are waiting. However, there is no doubt that Tom Holland is one of the favorite spider-man. He gives a different kind of touch and humor to the character. We are hoping for an interesting third installment.

Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.