Share Spotify App Music to Facebook

Spotify App Gets A New Feature, Share Music on Facebook

Now you can share your Spotify app music on facebook stories and share your music taste with all your friends and following.

This feature is similar to Instagram’s share music, you can directly share music on Instagram. Facebook got the same feature, Spotify let you share music to your facebook story too.

Spotify now Enables You to share Songs on Facebook Stories: How it works— Keyc Tv (@keyc_tv) September 1, 2019

How is it beneficial for the Spotify App?

Instagram stories engagement increased due to this feature and this feature leads you to Spotify app page which increases user engagement on Spotify too, thus gaining more users and engagement.

Spotify will gain the same benefits through facebook, however, people don’t usually upload stories on Facebook. As they can just share it to their newsfeed. In both scenarios, it’s a win-win for Spotify.

Add some music to your story 📖
Audio sharing to Facebook Stories is now available.— Spotify (@Spotify) August 30, 2019

Spotify App Music on Facebook

How to share Spotify Music on Facebook?

You can only share 15-second clips to Facebook stories through the Spotify app.

  • Open Spotify.
  • Choose the music you want to share.
  • Click on the share icon and choose Facebook.
  • Choose Facebook Story or Newsfeed.

Viewers can still hear the whole music on Spotify, they just have to click on Spotify and listen to it there.

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