Star Wars Jedi Survivor Setting up Again and Again After Launch - Fixed!

How to Fix Star Wars Jedi Survivor Not Preloading

Wait... It's the key!
Wait... It's the key!

The Legendary Star Wars Jedi Survivor is upon us, letting us delve into the adventurous and equally sad-like of Cal Kestis. Before the official launch of the game, you can jump right into Pre-load, but wait… you can’t? Well, you don’t have to worry because here we have a spectacular guide on How to Fix Star Wars Jedi Survivor Not Preloading to help you catch up before the official release

How to Fix Star Wars Jedi Survivor Not Preloading

Introduction to Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Star Wars Jedi Survivor is the successor to the famous Jedi Fallen. It has been some time since its launch and Cal Kestis – the Protagonist of the series grows stronger with “The Force”.

The game itself is a third-person action-packed game from none other than a collab between Respawn Entertainment and Lucasfilm Games. A Singer Player adventure where you get to enjoy a semi-open world game, traveling various planets, enjoying lightsaber combat, customization, and those crisp 5 combat mods.

What more do you need here gamer? This here is a candidate for one of the Best Games for 2023 right here.

Introduction to Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Fix Star Wars Jedi Survivor Not Preloading

There are a few things you have to make sure you are doing correctly here. The game is massive… really massive lads. If you are on HDD and have just enough space to install the game, it is going to take an eternity for you to Pre-Load Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

  • Restarting is one way to fix the issue of Pre-loading here. Make sure you are always restarting the game, again and again, walking step-by-step to greatness.
  • You can also Pre-load the game from an M.2 or an SSD and make sure there is a massive 200 GB free for you to install the game on.
  • The issue is from EA Launcher and some players reported that Steam is working flawlessly. Might change your decision later on.
  • Waiting… Yes, waiting is the only option here. Keep trying and you will be able to effortlessly play the game in the Pre-Load.


Ahhh… Star Wars Jedi Survivor is too close and “us” gamers can’t wait to enjoy it. Pre-Load is getting on our nerves here and in case you are one of those fellows who want to Fix Star Wars Jedi Survivor Not Preloading, just relax for a second.

Try to Pre-Load the game from an SSD, keep restarting and wait because Pre-Loading takes a ton of your precious time. Yeah, we get it… you can’t wait… but patience is the key here.

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