Starcitizen vs Starfield - Which one is better?

Starcitizen vs Starfield – Which one is better?

Starfield is here and it is awfully similar to one specific game. Yes, we are talking about Starcitizen. But, have you ever asked yourself Which one is better, Starfield or Starcitizen? Here we have a comparison guide for Starcitizen vs Starfield to help you understand.

Starcitizen vs Starfield - Which one is better?

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Why Starfield was overhyped?

Starfield has been regarded as the game of the decade, and sometimes the best game of 2023. Being the best means, it is going to outlive, as well as outperform other games of 2023 including Baldur’s Gate 3, Diablo 4, Star Wars, Armored Core, Zelda, and so on.

Being the base of any space adventure from a AAA Title Company like Bethesda, you somehow have expectations of the game providing free planetary traveling.

Well, Starfield does provide you with planetary traveling, but it is in no way or form free, and neither is free-willed.

The game is also solo, which means, you can’t play it with your buddies or other players from around the planet.

Starcitizen vs Starfield - Which one is better?

Why Starcitizen is underhyped?

For the most part, Starcitizen is a top-tier game that only the absolute peak of PC Systems can run smoothly. The game launched in stages, meaning players could see the game progressing, as it is a Sandbox Game, and absolutely massive in scale.

It is multiplayer, providing you with a Space MMo Feel. You can play it with your friends and other players around the globe.

Not to forget, the sheet details and the unfathomable amount of things you can do there. It is going to outlive most of the humans that are playing the game.

The only issue with Starcitizen is that the game remains in beta and has been here for a period now. The game is huge and the developers have a hard time putting things together.

As a result, most players ran away from the game, and others who stuck loved it even more because of the open-world design.

Yes, another thing. Starcitizen has an online wallet system and you basically have to purchase everything including the ships, weaponry, and so on.

Starcitizen vs Starfield - Which one is better?

Starcitizen vs Starfield – Which one is better?

In our point of view, both of these games are equally important for the Space/Travel Genre in the Gaming Industry. Starcitizen looks, feels, and provides in a better way, as it is an open-world MMO with free planetary traveling. There are solar systems that you can go to and explore every inch. But the game is taking too much time, is very expensive, and drives the systems crazy due to the requirements.

On the other hand, players thought that Starfield was an open-world MMO Type Space game that allowed players to hop onto a ship and travel to planets. But, it is fairly optimized, is available to experience fully as of now, and doesn’t cost you thousands of dollars for each thing.

If you are a gamer, looking for some quality time in Space Adventure, then Starfield is definitely for you. But, in case you are someone who wants to explore every inch of Space, just like in a Simulator, but have patience, assets, and a fortune, then Starcitizen is something that goes a long way. As always Happy Gaming!

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