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Starfield: How to Build an Outpost 

Despite being one of the best ways to passively gain resources, Starfield doesn’t cover how to build outposts in detail. This article on How to Build an Outpost is here to help.

Starfield: How to Build an Outpost 

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How to Build an Outpost?

Pick a Suitable Location

The first thing you need to do when building an outpost is pick a suitable location. Despite its open-world nature, Starfield doesn’t let you build outposts wherever you want. You can’t build an outpost in an already-developed settlement like New Atlantis or Akila City.

And unless you have unlocked the Planetary Habitation skill, you can’t build outposts on planets with extreme environments either.

The last thing you need to consider when selecting an outpost location are the resources in the area. To do this, simply enter a planet’s orbit and scan the surface. You will get a quick rundown of all the common and rare non-organic resources found there.

Plant Outpost Beacon

Once you’ve decided on a suitable location to build your outpost, land there. Then use the LB button on Xbox or the F key on PC to pull out your hand scanner. Scan the map and surrounding area with your scanner, keeping an eye out for any colored patches of ground. These indicate precious minerals, gases, or liquids hiding beneath the surface.

With the scanner active, find a suitable location to plant your outpost. This should ideally be somewhere with lots of space. Once you’ve got a spot, press the ‘R’ key on a PC or the ‘X’ button on an Xbox to plant an outpost beacon.

Check Required Resources 

After placing an outpost beacon, you’ll be able to build a bunch of structures in that location. This includes Habs allowing people to live at your Outpost and a Crew Member Station for your crew members. Still, the most common outpost structure is an extractor. 

Each outpost structure requires resources to build. The quantity differs, but most structures only require common materials like Copper, Iron, Tungsten, and Aluminum. Stock up on these. The needed materials will be taken from your inventory or ship’s cargo.

Build an Outpost 

Once you’ve figured out which outpost structure you want to build, and have the resources for it, go ahead with the building process. The most common option is an outpost serving as a resource farm. 

For this, you’ll need to build both a resource extractor and a power source. Once the extractor is functional, you can leave it to gather your desired resource. 

But the extractor itself can only store a limited amount of the mined resource. As such, it’s a smart idea to build some kind of storage system before you leave. You can also build a Transfer Container to access the freshly mined resources directly from your ship. 

Starfield: How to Build an Outpost 


Select a suitable location, bring out your scanner, plant an Outpost beacon, and build an Outpost. We hope this article on How to Build an Outpost in Starfield helps. As always, happy gaming!

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