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Boycott TikTok, Start using Zynn and Earn Money

A TikTok clone application was recently released on Google Play Store, which pays you for watching videos. After the release, Zynn instantly got 100,000+ installs because of its special feature of paying its users for watching videos. You can make up to 110$ by inviting 5 people to this application using your referral. It is available in both Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

It’s a ditto copy of TikTok developed by OWLII. It’s an extension of a startup “Kuaishou” which got $2 Billion USD funding from Tencent. However, people around the world still don’t know about this application and are still stuck on TikTok. So, if you are a Tiktok, short video lover, why not actually start earning from something you are actually interested in? It pays you for watching short videos, like in TikTok, in the form of Cash directly in Paypal and Amazon Giftcards.

Zynn is a short-form video App where you discover and create your content. At Zynn, spark your creativity and fully express yourself! Hosting content from various creators, you can enjoy and share your moments. With a wide variety of music, audio clips, and text effects, you can create eye-catching clips that everyone enjoys!

Zynn is completely Legit, people have earned over 100-500$ already from this application. It was launched on May 26, 2020.

How does Zynn afford to pay users?

The application is ad-based, they generate revenue from brands paying them to be featured on this application, because, the more audience, more sales on the brands.

It pays its users about 0.20-0.25$ per 10 minutes watch time, which is better than any other application on Google Play Store and Apple’s Store.

I was skeptical about this working because I have used similar apps that take very long to build up points or don’t actually let you redeem. I am very impressed. Downloaded just two days ago and already have redeemed an Amazon code for 10$ credit. Android makes it easy to multitask and have this app

Review on Play Store

Only Available in USA and Canada

The drawback is, it’s only available for users in Canada and the USA. So, if you are living in a different region, you have to wait for the availability in your region. However, there are alternatives that we discussed in our previous article.

How To Use Zynn App if it’s not available in your region

Zynn is only available in USA and Canda


If you are publishing your videos or watching videos on TikTok, why not try something that is actually beneficial for you? Delete TikTok, and transfer to Zynn that way you will be able to do both, watch videos and earn money. TikTok is the most hated social media right now, instead of supporting an application that is hated by the world, join an application that everyone is using and making money from it.

As everyone knows, we are in the middle of a pandemic, Coronavirus has destroyed the world economy and people have lost their jobs because of it. It’s the best way to utilize your time at home while taking precautions. Make money while watching videos. It legit pays you up to 20$ on sign up.

On Signing up on Zynn , you get 20$

How to delete your TikTok Account for Good

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